Mornington Nomic

Version 7 (April 2019)


Mornington Nomic is a game set on the London Underground, where the rules are made by the players as they are playing.

Mornington Nomic is a Nomic game, inspired by the improvisation game “Mornington Crescent” from I’m sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

The rules are presented in 2 sections: unchangeable rules, which provide rules for changing the rules, and the game rules, which are the rules about how the game is played. At least one player should know the unchangeable rules, but every player should know the game rules before beginning play.

PDF versions: tba.

What you need

In order to play Mornington Nomic, you’ll need:

Unchangeable rules

Rule-changes and Voting

Rule Numbers and Precedence



If players disagree about the legality of a move or the interpretation or application of a rule, then any player can invoke JUDGEMENT.

The player preceding the one taking their turn is to be the Judge and decide the answer to the question.

When Judgement has been invoked, the next player may not begin their turn without the consent of a majority of the other players.

The Judge’s Judgement may be overruled only by a unanimous vote of the other players taken before the next turn is begun. If a Judge’s Judgement is overruled, then the player preceding the Judge in the playing order becomes the new Judge for the question, and so on, except that no player is to be Judge during their own turn or during the turn of a team-mate.

Unless a Judge is overruled, one Judge settles all questions arising from the game until the next turn is begun, including questions as to their own legitimacy and jurisdiction as Judge.

New Judges are not bound by the decisions of old Judges. New Judges may, however, settle only those questions on which the players currently disagree and that affect the completion of the turn in which Judgement was invoked. All decisions by Judges shall be in accordance with all the rules then in effect; but when the rules are silent, inconsistent, or unclear on the point at issue, then the Judge shall consider game-custom and the spirit of the game before applying other standards.

Game Rules

  1. Players shall take turns in clockwise order. Turns may not be skipped or passed, and parts of turns may not be omitted, unless a rule explicitly says otherwise.
    Players should decide amongst themselves who goes first.

  2. One turn consists of two parts in this order:

    1. proposing a rule-change, and
    2. making a MOVE.
  3. A player makes a MOVE by stating the name of a Tube Station.

  4. The winner is the first player to MOVE to Mornington Crescent.

  5. No player may MOVE to Mornington Crescent.

  6. A proposal is adopted if and only if there are more votes for than against it.

  7. Each player always has exactly one vote.