Doctor Who Audio Dramas — Listening Order

What order should I listen to the audio dramas?

Firstly: you don’t have to listen to everything. But if you want to, you’re in luck! This guide contains an ordering for listening to everything. But, what is the order?

Well, we could try to put everything into in-universe chronological order, but that doesn’t really work when you’ve got time travel involved, and would be a terrible listening experience because the stories aren’t released in order – stories from the Monthly Adventures might feature the Sixth Doctor one month, then the Fifth Doctor the next.

How about date of release? Well, that’s relatively simple, but it means that you’re constantly switching between different series – Bernice Summerfield one day, Companion Chronicles the next, Eighth Doctor Adventures the day after that. To fix this, we’re going to bundle each series of adventures together into a “segment”, and then order the segments by day of release.

The ordering in this guide is based on half years. For each half year:

Later in the guide, this pattern is shrunk to be based on quarter years instead of half years, but it’s otherwise the same. (The only exception to the pattern is right at the beginning, where the audio releases are too far apart to do things this way.)

If you’re on the version of the guide with my recommendations, then let me clarify a few things:

Important Note

The Big Finish audio dramas are often darker than the TV show, and deal with more adult themes. I’ll put a special note on the stories that are especially dark.

How to save money

If you’re planning on listening to most of the audio dramas, there’s a few techniques you can use to save money long term.

  1. For the Monthly Adventures, subscribe. You can subscribe to either 6 or 12 Monthly Adventures instead of buying them individually, which saves you 30%. Unlike a magazine subscription, you don’t have to subscribe to what’s coming out next – you can get a retrospective subscription.
  2. Buy bundles, not individual releases. If you were to buy the Eighth Doctor Adventures Series 1 individually, it would cost you £72 (£9 per episode). But if you get the bundle for the whole series, it costs £64 (£8 per episode). The amount of discount you get depends on the series, but it’s always better to get a bundle.
  3. Keep an eye out for sales. Big Finish has sales fairly regularly. You can look out for sales on special releases (which don’t come in bundles) or sales on entire bundles.

To get a subscription or bundle, go to the page for one of the episodes of the series you want to get. Then, underneath the price buttons, there will be a “Bundles” option, which you can select. (The monthly adventures will also have a “Subscription” option next to the “Bundles” option. For the Monthly Adventures, a subscription is better value.)

The List

If there are any problems with this list, or you have any questions about the audio dramas, please let me know.

1976–1998 (before Big Finish)

If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 0 audio dramas and 0 audio books.

New Ranges in 1976–1998

Segment 1:
BBC radio dramas

The BBC has produced surprisingly few audio dramas related to Doctor Who – only five of them were made in the 20th century.

The first, Doctor Who and the Pescatons, existed primarily to try and make some money off the hugely popular Tom Baker. It’s the only audio drama in this list which I give a “Don’t listen” rating to, mostly because it often fails to even be grammatical, let alone a good story. The second, Exploration Earth, is an educational story for BBC Schools. The third, Slipback, was made during the hiatus between Season 22 and Season 23.

In the mid-90s, the BBC made The Paradise of Death and The Ghosts of N-Space, featuring Jon Pertwee reprising his role as the Third Doctor.

If you’re just getting started with audio dramas, probably don’t start here. Start with the Big Finish Monthly Adventures. (Mostly because these are much harder to get).

Where to get them

The BBC has not made it particularly easy to get any of these, so I wouldn’t blame you for skipping this segment.

Doctor Who and the Pescatons is hard to find, but that’s ok because it’s not very good.

Each of the other dramas in this list was released on CD in the early 2000s, so you might be able to track one of those down. Exploration Earth and Slipback were given away for free with the The Daily Telegraph in 2010.

There’s a fan-animated version of Exploration Earth here.

Slipback, Paradise of Death, and The Ghosts of N-Space are available on audible.

Doctor Who and the Pescatons4thSarah JaneNo
very poorly written
Exploration Earth4thSarah JaneMaybe
a short educational story – entertaining, but not much plot
a pastiche of Hitchiker's Guide. Fun, but doesn't feel like Doctor Who
The Paradise of Death3rdSarah Jane, BrigadierYes
content warning: suicide, sexual assault
The Ghosts of N-Space3rdSarah Jane, BrigadierMaybe
Segment 2:
BBV: Adventures in a Pocket Universe
Spin-off (1999)

Bill & Ben Video (BBV) was a company founded to create Doctor Who content for fans during the 16 years that Doctor Who was off the air. Unfortunately, they did not have the rights to Doctor Who itself. They started out creating a series called The Time Travelers, featuring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as “the Professor” and “Ace”. Alas, since these characters are technically not Doctor Who characters, these dramas aren’t included in this guide.

However, certain characters and creatures featured in Doctor Who actually don’t belong to the BBC, but to the writer who introduced them. For many of their audio dramas, BBV focused on making spin-off stories about the characters they could get the license to use. These Spin-offs are featured in this guide.

Adventures in a Pocket Universe is a two-part sequel to the TV episode Warrior’s Gate, wherein Romana (here referred to as “The Mistress”) and K9 stayed behind in E-space.

Where to get them

Due to the no-longer-existing nature of BBV, listening to a BBV audio drama requires either finding someone with a disc, or finding copies being shared around online.

The ChoiceK9, “The Mistress”Maybe
The SearchK9, “The Mistress”Maybe


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 7 audio dramas and 0 audio books.

New Ranges in 1999–2000:

Segment 3:
Monthly Adventures (A)
(1999–Sept 2000)

The Monthly Adventures is a series of standalone Doctor Who stories. Each story consists of four half-hour parts, and features one of the classic doctors. In general, you can choose any story and just listen to it – only a few of them are designed to lead into each other.

The Monthly Adventures form the backbone of this guide. Typically, each segment will only have 6 months worth of audio adventures. This segment is longer than usual, because Big Finish had only just begun, so there weren’t many audio dramas being made yet.

Note: The letter (A) in the title of this segment isn’t an official thing, it’s a little indicator I’ve made so you can more easily keep track of where you are up to.

The Marian Conspiracy introduces a new-to-audio companion, Evelyn.

Where to get them

The early Main Range titles are available for purchase from the Big Finish site for a small amount individually, or you can get an Early Years subscription. The Big Finish subscription system allows you to get 12 Main Range releases, starting from a release of your choosing. The first 100 releases are available as part of an Early Years Discount, which is less expensive than the later releases.

Alternatively, the first 50 of the Main Range releases are available on Spotify for free, or are available as part of a Google Play Music subscription.

The Sirens of Time5th, 6th, 7thTime LordsMaybe
Whispers of Terror6thPeriYes
The Land of the Dead5thNyssaMaybe
The Fearmonger7thAceDefinitely
The Marian Conspiracy6thEvelynDefinitely
The Genoicde Machine7thAce, Bev, DaleksMaybe
Red Dawn5thPeri, Ice WarriorsDefinitely
The Spectre of Lanyon Moor6thEvelyn, BrigadierYes
content warning: gore
Winter for the Adept5thNyssaYes
The Apocalypse Element6thEvelyn, Romana II, Time Lords, DaleksYes
The Fires of Vulcan7thMelYes
Segment 4:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 1

Bernice Summerfield is a professor of archaeology from the 27th century. She travelled with the Seventh Doctor in the Virgin New Adventures series of novels, and then went on to have her own series of novels.

When Big Finish were just getting started, they needed something to convince the BBC that they could do Doctor Who audio dramas. And so they chose to adapt six of the Virgin novels to audio. And here they are!

The first 11 seasons of Bernice Summerfield are only available on CD, which means they’re more expensive than your average audio drama. So if you’re unsure about whether Benny is for you, you could try out these (cheaper) options first:

Other starting points

Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far (2018)
A two-volume series that dips into every era of Benny’s life so far.
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield (2014–)
The latest era of Benny’s adventures, with the Seventh Doctor in the first two volumes, and an Alternate Universe Doctor in the last three volumes.
Bernice Summerfield: Epoch (2011–2013)
A set of volumes, starting with Epoch. This is the first era of Benny’s life that you can get as a download (instead of only on CD).

Or you, could just start here, right at the beginning!

All the stories in this segment are adaptions of previously published novels, except for the Buried Treasures (Making Myths and Closure) which were the first stories to be written specifically for audio.

Where to get them

Series 1 is only available on CD. You can order it as a bundle from the Big Finish website.

Buried Treasures (Making Myths and Closure) are harder to get. Making Myths was released for free at some point, but that release has now disappeared. Closure is available as a bonus on the Bernice Summerfield series 4 story Death and the Daleks.

General warning for this segment: sexual references.

Oh No It Isn’t!Wolsey, GrelMaybe
very farcical, with a slow first half
Beyond the SunJason KaneYes
Walking to BabylonJason Kane, John LafayetteYes
BirthrightJason Kane, John LafayetteYes
Just WarJason KaneYes
content warning: torture, nazis
Making MythsKeri
Dragon’s WrathMaybe
a good story, marred by poor sound quality
Segment 5:
BBV: Sontarans, Rani, I Scream
Spin-off (1999-2000)

Here are the BBV dramas for 2000.

Where to get them

Due to the no-longer-existing nature of BBV, listening to a BBV audio drama requires either finding someone with a disc, or finding copies being shared around online.

First is a story involving icecream and a terrible conspiracy. It’s narrated and performed by Lisa Bowerman, who also plays Bernice Summerfield.

I ScreamYes
content warning: sexual references

Next, is a series of audio dramas about Sontarans.

Silent WarriorSontaransYes
Old SoldiersSontaransDefinitely
Conduct UnbecomingSontaransYes

Finally, The Rani Reaps the Whirlwind, a standalone story featuring The Rani and the Tetraps.

The Rani Reaps the WhirlwindThe Rani, TetrapsMaybe
content warning: sexual references, sexual assault, torture
Segment 6:
Monthly Adventures (B)
(Oct–Dec 2000)

The final three Monthly Adventures for 2000 features a couple of “side-steps” – The Shadow of the Scourge steps sideways into the Virgin New Adventures’ canon; and The Holy Terror steps sideways into the comic books.

Where to get them

The early Main Range titles are available for purchase from the Big Finish site for a small amount individually, or you can get an Early Years subscription. The Big Finish subscription system allows you to get 12 Main Range releases, starting from a release of your choosing. The first 100 releases are available as part of an Early Years Discount, which is less expensive than the later releases.

Alternatively, the first 50 of the Main Range releases are available on Spotify for free, or are available as part of a Google Play Music subscription.

The Shadow of the Scourge7thAce, BerniceMaybe
content warning: gore
The Holy Terror6thFrobisherDefinitely
The Mutant Phase5thNyssa, Thals, DaleksDefinitely


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 35 audio dramas and 0 audio books.

New Ranges in 2001:

Segment 7:
Monthly Adventures (C)
(First half of 2001)

The first half of 2001 features the first appearance of the Eighth Doctor in audio dramas, accompanied by new companion Charlotte Pollard (Charley for short). It also features the first appearance of The Master, in Dust Breeding.

Where to get them

The early Main Range titles are available for purchase from the Big Finish site for a small amount individually, or you can get an Early Years subscription. The Big Finish subscription system allows you to get 12 Main Range releases, starting from a release of your choosing. The first 100 releases are available as part of an Early Years Discount, which is less expensive than the later releases.

Alternatively, the first 50 of the Main Range releases are available on Spotify for free, or are available as part of a Google Play Music subscription.

Storm Warning8thCharleyYes
Sword of Orion8thCharley, CybermenDefinitely
content warning: body horror
The Stones of Venice8thCharleyYes
Minuet in Hell8thCharley, BrigadierMaybe
content warning: religious references, sex trafficking, mistreatment of medical patients
Dust Breeding7thAce, Bev, The MasterDefinitely
Segment 8:
BBV: The Wirrn, Zygons

A BBV story featuring the Wirrn from the TV story The Ark in Space.

Where to get them

Due to the no-longer-existing nature of BBV, listening to a BBV audio drama requires either finding someone with a disc, or finding copies being shared around online.

The Wirrn: Race MemoryThe WirrnYes

Next, a series featuring the Zygons:

content warning: gore
content warning: heavy religious references
The Barnacled BabyZygonsMaybe
content warning: breastfeeding, child death

These three audio dramas were followed up by a home video release, When Being You Just Isn’t Enough, which was released in 2008.

(The MaximumSpidercide guide put The Killing Stone here as well, but I can barely find any information about it, let alone find the audio drama itself.)

Segment 9:
Misc: Last of the Titans

Welcome to the first Misc segment! This is for all stories that don’t fit in anywhere else – special anniversary releases, bonus releases for subscribers to the Monthly Adventures, self-contained stories that aren’t part of anything else, and so on.

The Last of the Titans is a Big Finish special release, originally released on a free CD with Doctor Who Magazine #300.

Where to get them

The Last of the Titans can be downloaded for free from the Big Finish website.

The Last of the Titans7thYes
Segment 10:
Monthly Adventures (D)
(Second half of 2001)

Now back to the Monthly Adventures, to finish off the remaining stories for 2001.

Project: Twilight introduces a villain who returns in later audio dramas, and The Eye of the Scorpion introduces a new-to-audio companion Erimem.

Where to get them

The early Main Range titles are available for purchase from the Big Finish site for a small amount individually, or you can get an Early Years subscription. The Big Finish subscription system allows you to get 12 Main Range releases, starting from a release of your choosing. The first 100 releases are available as part of an Early Years Discount, which is less expensive than the later releases.

Alternatively, the first 50 of the Main Range releases are available on Spotify for free, or are available as part of a Google Play Music subscription.

Bloodtide6thEvelyn, SiluriansMaybe
Project: Twilight6thEvelyn, Nimrod, the ForgeMaybe
content warning: gore, torture
The Eye of the Scorpion5thPeri, ErimemDefinitely
content warning: torture
Colditz7thAce, KleinDefinitely
content warning: nazis, sexual assault
Primeval5thNyssa, TrakenitesYes
The One Doctor6thMelMaybe
a fun farce
Segment 11:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 2
Spin-off (2001)

Bernice Summerfield is back! Beginning with this series, Big Finish started creating its own original stories about her, and also published novels and short stories that tie in to the series.

In series 2, the novels were intrinsically linked into the overall storyline of the series, so much so that many listeners who had skipped the books were surprised to learn that Benny was pregnant in The Skymines of Karthos. If you want the full context of the series, reading the novels (or listening to the recently released audiobook versions of them) is a good idea, but if you don’t want to read them, then here’s what you need to know:

Spoilers for the novels

The Braxiatel Collection is a private collection of many artifacts from history, run by Irving Braxiatel (a Time Lord). Home to Professor Bernice Summerfield after her home planet Dellah was destroyed (off-screen between series 1 and series 2). Her ex-husband Jason is presumed to be dead.

During the events of The Squire’s Crystal, Benny is possessed and has sex with Adrian Wall, a Killoran (big dog-person) construction worker. The characters are still reacting to this situation in The Stone’s Lament.

Benny does not find out that she’s pregnant until The Infernal Nexus. Also in the Infernal Nexus: Jason is brought back.

When The Skymines of Karthos starts, Benny is 5 months pregnant.

In The Glass Prison, Benny gives birth to a son, and names him Peter.

Luckily, Big Finish decided to stop making the novels so essential to the storyline in the subsequent series, due to complaints from listeners.

Where to get them

The series 2 audio dramas are only available on CD. You can order it as a bundle from the Big Finish website.

The prose is in a more interesting position: over the course of 2019 and 2020, each of the novels was re-released as an audiobook read by Lisa Bowerman. Here’s a table that shows their availability according by format:

Release Paperback eBook Audiobook
The Dead Men Diaries
The Doomsday Manuscript
The Gods of the Underworld
The Squire’s Crystal October 2019
The Infernal Nexus January 2020
The Glass Prison March 2020

At the moment, the novel The Infernal Nexus and the short story anthology The Dead Men Diaries are the only prose releases from this series that are completely unavailable.

Short Stories: The Dead Men DiariesVariousOut of Print
Novel: The Doomsday ManuscriptBrax, Joseph, Adrian, Fifth AxisMaybe
The Secret of CassandraYes
Novel: The Gods of the UnderworldBrax, JosephMaybe
content warning: gore, sexism, racism
Novel: The Squire’s CrystalAdrian, Joseph, Brax, Fenman
The Stone’s LamentAdrianYes
content warning: sexual references and creepiness
The Extinction EventBraxMaybe
Novel: The Infernal NexusJasonOut of Print
The Skymines of KarthosBraxYes
Novel: The Glass PrisonBrax, Joseph, Jason, Adrian, Isaac, Peter, Fifth Axis, Fenman, Chris Cwej
Segment 12:
Dalek Empire I
Spin-off (2001)

The Dalek Empire series asks the question “What if the Daleks invaded, and the Doctor wasn’t there to stop them?”.

The Dalek Empire stories were set up in a thread through 4 Monthly Adventures (The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, The Mutant Phase, and The Time of the Daleks), but the series itself can be listened to without that prior context.

Where to get them

Dalek Empire I is available for streaming on Google Play and Spotify. It is also available for download on the Big Finish website.

Warning: These stories feature a lot of death. Also, since they form a continuous story (unlike most other releases, which are standalone) you need to listen to them in order.

The “Featuring” section of this table has been removed, to avoid spoilers.

Invasion of the DaleksDefinitely
The Human FactorYes
“Death to the Daleks!”Yes
Project InfinityYes


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 61 audio dramas and 5 audio books.

New Ranges in 2002:

Segment 13:
Monthly Adventures (E)
(First half of 2002)

The first half of 2002’s Monthly Adventures focused on the Eighth Doctor. These stories form a kind of “season”, with a story arc, so (unlike other Monthly Adventures segments) I highly recommend that you listen to these in order.

Invaders From Mars8thCharleyYes
content warning: a character uses the f-slur
The Chimes of Midnight8thCharleyDefinitely
content warning: suicide
Seasons of Fear8thCharleyDefinitely
Embrace the Darkness8thCharleyDefinitely
content warning: body horror
The Time of the Daleks8thCharley, DaleksDefinitely
Neverland8thCharley, Time LordsYes
or definitely, if you've listened to the rest of this segment
Segment 14:
BBV: Krynoids, Minds, Mercy
Spin-off (1999-2002)

First, two audio dramas featuring Krynoids (from the TV story Seeds of Doom)

The Root of All EvilKrynoids
The Green ManKrynoids

Then two standalone stories. One features the Rutans (the mortal enemies of the Sontarans), and the other one features Guy de Carnac, a love interest of Benny’s from the Virgin New Adventures novel Sanctuary.

In 2 MindsRutans
The Quality of MercyGuy de Carnac
Segment 15:
Misc: The Ratings War, The Switching, Excelis

At the start of this segment is the special release The Ratings War, which features the villain Beep the Meep (from the Doctor Who Magazine comics).

The Ratings War6thBeep the MeepMaybe

A “Short Trip” is a half-hour enhanced audiobook – there’s one narrator (like an audiobook), but it also features sound effects and a soundtrack. Originally, they were released as bonuses for people who subscribed to the Monthly Adventures. These subscriber bonuses were later re-released as “Short Trip: Rarities” in 2016–2018. The Switching is the first of these.

The Switching3rd Doctor, The MasterYes

Next, the Excelis Saga, a miniseries centred around a mysterious relic, and set in the city of Excelis. Each of the episodes in the saga is set hundreds of years after the previous, and features a different Doctor. The episodes should be listened to in order. The epilogue of this story, featuring Bernice Summerfield, tangentially links in to Bernice Summerfield Series 3.

Excelis Dawns5thIris WildthymeMaybe
Excelis Rising6thYes
(but listen to Excelis in order)
Excelis Decays7thYes
(but listen to Excelis in order)
The Plague Herds of ExcelisBernice Summerfield, Iris WildthymeMaybe
a good epilogue, but wouldn't hold up on its own

And finally, Death Comes to Time, which was originally an animated webcast. It’s considered to be an alternate universe story, because it tries to be a series finale for Doctor Who altogether.

Death Comes to Time7thAce, Antimony

The alternate universe shown in Death Comes to Time continues in a Spin-off series called The Minister of Chance, but since that’s far removed from any actual Doctor Who, it’s not in this guide.

Segment 16:
Monthly Adventures (F)
(Second half of 2002)

And now the final half of the Monthly Adventures for 2002.

Spare Parts is one of Big Finish’s most popular releases.

The Sandman introduces the Galyari to the Doctor Who Universe.

Spare Parts5thNyssa, CybermenDefinitely
content warning: body horror
content warning: suicide, linguistic elitism
The Rapture7thAceMaybe
content warning: heavy religious references
The Sandman6thEvelyn, the GalyariDefinitely
content warning: use of the g-slur
The Church and the Crown5thPeri, ErimemYes
content warning: torture, religious references
content warning: sexual references
Segment 17:
Sarah Jane Smith: Series 1
Spin-off (2002)

And now a new spin-off series starring Sarah Jane Smith, set in the modern day of 2002-ish, years after she was left on Earth by the Doctor.

Warning: This is a horror/crime series. It is very dark in tone and contains adult material that may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Sarah Jane is back to working as an investigative journalist, uncovering corruption and crime wherever she can.

ComebackJosh, NatalieYes
content warning: racism
The Tao ConnectionJosh, NatalieMaybe
content warning: racism, sexual assault, homophobia, abusive relationship(s)
Test of NerveJosh, Natalie
Ghost TownJosh
Mirror, Signal, ManoeuvreJosh, Natalie
Segment 18:
Misc: The Maltese Penguin, Real Time

This segment contains a Bonus Release: The Maltese Penguin, as well as the audio version of a BBC animation, Real Time. Despite being animated, the script and audio production were specifically designed so that the story could be followed and understood perfectly as a purely audio production.

The Maltese Penguin6thFrobisher
Real Time6thEvelyn, Cybermen


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 91 audio dramas and 5 audio books.

New Ranges in 2003:

Segment 19:
Monthly Adventures (G)
(First half of 2003)

The first half of 2003’s Monthly Adventures.

Jubilee is a story that was later adapted into the TV episode Dalek.

Project:Lazarus follows on from a previous monthly adventure, Project: Twilight.

Jubilee6thEvelyn, Daleks
Nekromanteia5thPeri, Erimem
The Dark Flame7thAce, Bernice, Joseph
Doctor Who and the Pirates6thEvelyn
Creatures of Beauty5thNyssa
Project: Lazarus6th, 7thEvelyn, Nimrod, the Forge
Segment 20:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 3
Spin-off (2002–2003)

A third series of Benny’s adventures! Now that Jason has been discovered again, he shows up in a few of these dramas.

Middway through this series is when The Plague Herds of Excelis (the Excelis episode that features Benny) occurs. Originally the Benny adventures were in the same segment as Excelis, but that was too confusing (not to mention completely unneccesary, as they don’t really impact on each other much.)

The Greatest Shop in the GalaxyJoseph
The Green-Eyed MonstersJason, Adrian, Peter
The Dance of the DeadIce Warriors
Short Stories: A Life of SurprisesVariousOut of Print
The Mirror EffectBrax, Jason, Adrian, Joseph
Segment 21:
Dalek Empire II: Dalek War
Spin-off (2003)

The Dalek Empire series continues. Dalek War directly follows on from the ending of Dalek Empire.

Dalek War: Chapter One
Dalek War: Chapter Two
Dalek War: Chapter Three
Dalek War: Chapter Four
Segment 22:
Misc: No Place Like Home, The Little Drummer Boy

This segment contains No Place Like Home, a special release, and The Little Drummer Boy, a Short Trip Rarity.

No Place Like Home5thErimem, Shayde
The Little Drummer Boy1stSteven Taylor, Sara Kingdom
Segment 23:
Monthly Adventures (H)
(Second half 2003)

We (almost*) finish off 2003’s Monthly Adventures. This includes the 50th release in the Monthly Adventures, Zagreus, which follows directly on from 2002’s Neverland, and directly leads into Scherzo, which can be found in the next Monthly Adventures segment.

*Scherzo was released in December 2003, but since it forms a story arc with the early 2004 releases, it’s been moved there.

Master7thThe Master
Zagreus5th, 6th, 7th, 8thCharley, Romana II, Leela, K9, Rassilon, Brax
The Wormery6thIris Wildthyme
Segment 24:
Doctor Who Unbound
Spin-off (2003)

Doctor Who Unbound is a series focused around alternate universes and “What ifs”. Each story is built around a different alternate scenario, and features a different actor playing the Doctor.

All these stories were released in 2003, but both Auld Mortality and Sympathy for the Devil were popular enough that two sequel stories were made in 2005 and 2008.

StoryWhat If…Listen?
Auld MortalityWhat if… the Doctor and Susan had never left Gallifrey?
Sympathy for the DevilWhat if… the Doctor had not been UNIT’s scientific advisor?
Full Fathom Five(hidden due to spoilers)
He Jests at Scars…What if… the Valeyard had won?
Deadline(An alternate version of the history of the TV show)
ExileWhat if… the Doctor had escaped the justice of the Time Lords?
Segment 25:
Misc: Living Legend, Shada

We now have 2 more stories: the Big Finish audio play version of Shada (a Fourth Doctor story that was never finished due to a strike), which features the Eighth Doctor; and the Special Release Living Legend.

Living Legend8thCharley
Shada (Audio play)8thRomana II, K9 Mark II


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 121 audio dramas and 5 audio books.

New Ranges in 2004:

Segment 26:
Monthly Adventures (I)
(First half of 2004)

The Monthly Adventures for 2004 start off with the Divergent Universe arc (featuring the Eighth Doctor, Charley, and C’rizz). The first story of this arc is Scherzo, which is actually the December 2003 release, moved here so you can listen to the arc all at once.

After those are done, we have three stories with the other Doctors. In The Harvest, new companion Hex is introduced.

The Creed of the Kromon8thCharley, C’rizz, Kro’ka
The Natural History of Fear8thCharley, C’rizz
The Twilight Kingdom8thCharley, C’rizz, Kro’ka
The Axis of Insanity5thPeri, Erimem
Arrangements for War6thEvelyn, Rossiter
The Harvest7thAce, Hex
Segment 27:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 4
Spin-off (2003–2004)

Bernice Summerfield returns for another series of adventures! Each story in this series features a different creature from Doctor Who.

The Bellotron IncidentBev, Brax, Joseph, Rutans
The Draconian RageBrax, Draconians
The Poison SeasBrax, Sea Devils
Short Stories: Life During WartimeVarious
Death and the DaleksBrax, Jason, Adrian, Joseph, Bev, Isaac, Fifth Axis, Daleks
Segment 28:
Gallifrey Series 1
Spin-off (2004)

Tales of intrigue and political manoeuvring from Gallifrey, featuring Romana, Leela, and K9.

Weapon of Choice
Square One
The Inquiry
A Blind Eye
Segment 29:
BBV: The Faction Paradox Protocols
Spin-off (2001–2004)

A series from BBV, focusing on Faction Paradox – a criminal syndicate of Time Lords, devoted to inducing paradoxes and chaos into the flow of time. Faction Paradox was first introduced in the BBC’s Eighth Doctor Adventures novels.

The Faction Paradox Protocols was followed by The True History of Faction Paradox.

This series is told as 3 chapters, with 2 dramas in each chapter.

The Eleven-Day EmpireJustine, Eliza, Sontarans
The Shadow PlayJustine, Eliza, Sontarans
Sabbath DeiJustine, Eliza, Sabbath
In the Year of the CatJustine, Eliza, Sabbath
A Labyrinth of HistoriesJustine
Segment 30:
Misc: One Small Step…

Next, another Short Trip Rarity. This was released for free on the Big Finish Podcast on the 20th of June 2016.

One Small Step…2ndJamie, Zoe
Segment 31:
Monthly Adventures (J)
(Second half of 2004)

The last few Monthly Adventures of 2004. This segment concludes the Divergent Universe arc which started with Scherzo.

After this point, the Eighth Doctor stories were no longer clumped together, and were instead evenly mixed in with the other Monthly Adventures.

The Roof of the World5thPeri, Erimem
Medicinal Purposes6thEvelyn, Knox
Faith Stealer8thCharley, C’rizz, Kro’ka
The Last8thCharley, C’rizz, Kro’ka
Caerdroia8thCharley, C’rizz, Kro’ka
The Next Life8thCharley, C’rizz, Kro’ka
Segment 32:
Dalek Empire III
Spin-off (2004)

A new chapter in the Dalek Empire series, set 2500 years after the Dalek War, with the galaxy preparing for the Daleks to invade once again…

The Exterminators
The Healers
The Survivors
The Demons
The Warriors
The Future
Segment 33:
Misc: Lant Land, Silver Lining, Her Final Flight, Tales from the TARDIS

Another Short Trip Rarity: Lant Land, a Bernice Summerfield bonus release featuring the cybermen, and a Doctor Who bonus release.

Lant Land5th Doctor, Tegan, Turlough
Silver LiningBernice Summerfield, Cybermen
Her Final Flight6th Doctor, Peri

We also have our first BBC audiobooks of the guide! This is Tales from the TARDIS, a 2 volume collection of previously released audiobooks. As a general rule, audiobooks of novelisations of TV stories aren’t included in this guide, but this collection is an exception due to the fact that it also has a few Short Trips and original stories.

Volume 1:

The Curse of Peladon
3rd Doctor, 5th Doctor, 6th Doctor, Jo, Adric, Tegan, Nyssa, Peri, Cybermen
Attack of the Cybermen
Out of the Darkness
(Some Short Trips)

Volume 2:

Planet of the Daleks
3rd Doctor, 5th Doctor, 6th Doctor, 8th Doctor, Jo, Tegan, Turloough, Peri, Samantha
Warriors of the Deep
Vengeance on Varos
The TV Movie
Earth and Beyond


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 158 audio dramas and 7 audio books.

New Ranges in 2005:

Segment 34:
Monthly Adventures (K)
(First half of 2005)

The first half of 2005’s Monthly Adventures. Midway through this segment, Doctor Who returned to television. This was unfortunately a difficult time for Big Finish, as people abandoned the audio dramas in droves (out of a perception of illegitimacy).

The Juggernauts features the Mechanoids from the TV story The Chase.

Three’s a Crowd references many past events of Erimem’s life (in particular The Eye of the Scorpion and The Roof of the World), so you should listen to the previous Erimem stories for the full context.

The Juggernauts6thMel, Daleks, Davros, Mechanoids
The Game5thNyssa
Dreamtime7thAce, Hex
Three’s a Crowd5thPeri, Erimem
Segment 35:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 5
Spin-off (2004–2005)

This series of Bernice Summerfield brings back a few old enemies: the Grel (first introduced in the very first episode of Bernice Summerfield Oh No It Isn’t!), the Galyari (first introduced in the Monthly Adventures story The Sandman), and the K1 robot (from the TV story Robot).

Novel: The Big HuntOut of Print
The Grel EscapeJason, Peter, Joseph, The Grel
Short Stories: A Life Worth LivingVariousOut of Print
The Bone of ContentionThe Galyari
The Relics of Jegg-SauK1
Short Stories: A Life in PiecesVariousOut of Print
The Masquerade of DeathAdrian
Segment 36:
Spin-off (2004–2005)

UNIT is a self-contained mini series, which sees a retired Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart advising a new UNIT team.

For more UNIT tales, you can check out the Unit Dominion boxset, released in 2012 and featuring the Seventh Doctor, and the UNIT series, released from 2015 onwards and featuring Kate Stewart and Osgood.

The last story features Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood, played by David Tennant and introduced in the Unbound story Sympathy for the Devil. As the Unbound stories are set in an alternate universe, you don’t need to listen to Sympathy for the Devil first, but there are a few references that you might enjoy if you do.

The CoupBrigadier, Chaudhry
Time HealsBrigadier, Chaudhry
Snake HeadChaudhry, Dalton
The Longest NightChaudhry, Dalton, Hoffman
The WastingChaudhry, Brigadier, Brimmicombe-Wood
Segment 37:
Monthly Adventures (L)
(Second half of 2005)

The last Monthly Adventures releases of 2005:

The Council of Nicaea5thPeri, Erimem
Terror Firma8thCharley, C’rizz, Daleks, Davros
Thicker Than Water6thMel, Evelyn, Rossiter
LIVE 347thAce, Hex
Scardy Cat8thCharley, C’rizz
Other Lives8thCharley, C’rizz
Segment 38:
Gallifrey Series 2
Spin-off (2005)

More stories from Gallifrey.

Segment 39:
Iris Wildthyme: Series 1
Spin-off (2005)

Iris Wildthyme, the transtemporal adventuress who travels the multiverse in a double decker bus, gets her own series. She first appeared in a short story called Old Flames, and her first audio appearance was in the Excelis saga.

Wildthyme at LargeTom, Panda
The Devil in Ms. WildthymeTom, Panda
Segment 40:
Misc: Neptune, Cryptobiosis, Audiobooks

A Short Trip Rarity and a Bonus Release:

Neptune3rdSarah Jane Smith

Since the show was revived in 2005, BBC Books also released a number of books, each of which had an audiobook version. I’ve hidden these away so they don’t take up too much space.

Audiobooks (2005)

This set of audiobooks features the Ninth Doctor:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Clockwise ManRoseNicholas Briggs19 May 2005
The Monsters InsideRose, SlitheenCamille Coduri19 May 2005
Winner Takes AllRoseCamille Coduri19 May 2005
The Deviant StrainRose, JackStuart Milligan8 September 2005
Only HumanRose, JackAnthony Head8 September 2005
The Stealers of DreamsRose, JackCamille Coduri8 September 2005


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 189 audio dramas and 13 audio books.

New Ranges in 2006:

Segment 41:
Monthly Adventures (M)
(First half of 2006)

The first half of 2006’s Monthly Adventures. Every audio drama in this segment features original-to-audio companions.

Pier Pressure6thEvelyn
Night Thoughts7thAce, Hex
Time Works8thCharley, C’rizz
The Kingmaker5thPeri, Erimem, 4th Doctor
The Setting7thAce, Hex
Something Inside8thCharley, C’rizz
Segment 42:
Cyberman: Series 1
Spin-off (2005–2006)

A series about… Cybermen!

This series is set during the Orion War, which was first introduced in the 8th Doctor drama Sword of Orion.

ScorpiusKaren, Liam, Cybermen
FearKaren, Liam, Cybermen
ConversionKaren, Liam, Cybermen
TelosKaren, Liam, Cybermen
Segment 43:
Sarah Jane Smith: Series 2
Spin-off (2006)

The second series of Sarah Jane Smith. The final episode of this series was released only a few weeks before Elizabeth Sladen returned to TV, and the subsequent creation of the spin off TV series The Sarah Jane Adventures meant that the audio dramas had to be cancelled. Unfortunately, this means that the series ends with a cliffhanger.

Buried SecretsJosh, Natalie, Will
Snow BlindJosh, Will
Fatal ConsequencesJosh, Will
DreamlandJosh, Natalie
Segment 44:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 6
Spin-off (2005–2006)

Bernice Summerfield returns for another season. Note that audio stories 3 and 4 were actually published out of order, for some reason. That’s corrected in this table.

In this series, the prose releases began to alternate between collections of short stories and groupings of three novellas.

The Heart’s Desire
Novel: The Tree of LifeJosephOut of Print
The Kingdom of the BlindJason, Monoids
The Goddess QuandaryKeri
Novellas: Parallel LivesVariousOut of Print
Short Stories: Something ChangedVariousOut of Print
The Lost MuseumJason
The Crystal of CantusBrax, Jason, Cybermen, Peter
Segment 45:
Misc: Veiled Leopard

A Special Release, featuring four companions on two conflicting missions…

The Veiled LeopardPeri, Erimem, Ace, Hex
Segment 46:
Monthly Adventures (N)
(Second half of 2006)

The final half of 2006’s Monthly Adventures. Of special note is The Gathering – at the time, Janet Fielding was not interested in returning to the role of Tegan, but she did agree to have one special episode. The Gathering was written with the assumption that it would be the only appearance of Tegan in the audio dramas (and for several years, it was).

The Nowhere Place6thEvelyn
The Reaping6thPeri, Cybermen
The Gathering5thTegan, Cybermen
Memory Lane8thCharley, C’rizz
No Man’s Land7thAce, Hex
Year of the Pig6thPeri
Segment 47:
Gallifrey Series 3
Spin-off (2005)

More stories from Gallifrey, featuring Romana, Leela, and K9.

Segment 48:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 7
Spin-off (2006)

Bernice Summerfield returns once again!

This series was released very shortly after the previous one.

Novel: Genius LociOut of Print
The Tartarus GateJason, Joseph
Timeless Passages
The Worst Thing in the WorldJason
Summer of LoveJason, Bev, Adrian, Doggles, Joseph, Hass
Short Stories: Collected WorksVarious
Novellas: Old FriendsVarious
The Oracle of DelphiJason
The Empire StateJason, Maggie, Brax
Segment 49:
I, Davros
Spin-off (2006)

These dramas chart the rise to supremacy of the infamous Davros.

InnocenceDavros, Thals, Kaleds, Daleks
PurityDavros, Thals, Kaleds, Daleks
CorruptionDavros, Thals, Kaleds, Daleks
GuiltDavros, Thals, Kaleds, Daleks
Segment 50:
Misc: Return of the Daleks, Museum Peace, Audiobooks

This segment has a Bonus Release, then a Short Trip Rarity. Both of them are linked to the Dalek Empire series.

Return of the Daleks7thSusan Mendes, Kalendorf, Daleks
Museum Peace8thKalendorf, Daleks

Audiobooks (2006)

And six audiobooks from the BBC New Series Adventures, featuring the Tenth Doctor:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Stone Rose10thRose, Mickey, JackieDavid Tennant13 April 2006
The Feast of the Drowned10thRose, Mickey, JackieDavid Tennant13 April 2006
The Resurrection Casket10thRoseDavid Tennant13 April 2006
The Nightmare of Black Island10thRoseAnthony Head21 September 2006
The Art of Destruction10thRoseDon Warrington21 September 2006
The Price of Paradise10thRoseShaun Dingwall21 September 2006


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 229 audio dramas and 19 audio books.

New Ranges in 2007:

Segment 51:
Monthly Adventures (O)
(First half of 2007)

This segment sees a number of format experiments with the Monthly Adventures.

Firstly, Circular Time is an anthology of 4 short stories, rather than one long story. Due to it’s popular success, this format was repeated yearly.

Secondly, I.D. (a three episode story) was paired with Urgent Calls (a one episode story). This pattern would appear a few more times in the next few years, but ultimately did not catch on long term.

Circular Time (anthology)5thNyssa, Kamelion
Nocturne7thAce, Hex
Renaissance of the Daleks5thNyssa, Daleks
I.D.; Urgent Calls6th
Exotron; Urban Myths5thPeri
Segment 52:
Companion Chronicles: Series 1

The Companion Chronicles delves into the past to tell stories of the Doctor as seen through the eyes of their companions. These stories are partial-cast audio dramas – they generally feature a companion and one other actor, performing all the roles of the story.

The first series was released as an anthology, but the episodes are all available individually.

Frostfire1stVicki, Steven
Fear of the Daleks2ndZoe, Jamie, Daleks
The Blue Tooth3rdLiz, Brigadier, Yates, Benton, Cybermen
The Beautiful People4thRomana II, K9
Segment 53:
Monthly Adventures (P)
(Second half of 2007)

This segment includes 100, another anthology of 4 stories (and also the 100th release in the Monthly Adventures).

The Eighth Doctor’s stories with Charley and C’rizz wrap up in this segment. The Eighth Doctor goes on to have his own series, The Eighth Doctor Adventures.

The Wishing Beast; The Vanity Box6thMel
Frozen Time7th
Son of the Dragon5thPeri, Erimem
100 (anthology)6thEvelyn
Absolution8thCharley, C’rizz
The Mind’s Eye; Mission of the Viyrans5thPeri, Erimem, Viryans
The Girl Who Never Was8thCharley, Cybermen
Segment 54:
Eighth Doctor Adventures: Series 1

At last – a series just for the Eighth Doctor! With a brand new companion Lucie Miller, this series forms an excellent jumping on point for new listeners.

Both Blood of the Daleks and Human Resources are 2-part stories.

Blood of the DaleksLucie, Daleks
Horror of Glam RockLucie, Pat
Immortal BelovedLucie
No More LiesLucie
Human ResourcesLucie, Cybermen, the Headhunter, Karen, Straxus
Segment 55:
Misc: Return to the Web Planet, Audiobooks

A bonus release:

Return to the Web Planet5thNyssa, Zarbi, Menoptra

Audiobooks (2007)

Next, some audiobooks featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Sting of the Zygons10thMartha, ZygonsReggie Yates19 April 2007
The Last Dodo10thMarthaFreema Agyeman19 April 2007
Wooden Heart10thMarthaAdjoa Andoh19 April 2007
Forever Autumn10thMarthaWill Thorp6 September 2007
Sick Building10thMarthaWill Thorp6 September 2007
Wetworld10thMarthaFreema Agyeman6 September 2007
Wishing Well10thMarthaDebbie Chazen26 December 2007
The Pirate Loop10thMarthaFreema Agyeman26 December 2007
Peacemaker10thMarthaWill Thorp26 December 2007

And two made-for-audio audio books from the Sarah Jane Adventures:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Glittering StormElisabeth Sladen5 November 2007
The Thirteenth StoneElisabeth Sladen5 November 2007


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 253 audio dramas and 30 audio books.

New Ranges in 2008:

Segment 56:
Monthly Adventures (Q)
(First half of 2008)

Another Monthly Adventures segment:

The Bride of Peladon5thPeri, Erimem, Peladonians, Ice Warriors
The Condemned6thCharley, DI Menzies
The Dark Husband7thAce, Hex
The Haunting of Thomas Brewster5thNyssa, Brewster
Assassin in the Limelight6thEvelyn, Knox
The Death Collectors; Spider’s Shadow7thDar Traders
Segment 57:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 8
Spin-off (2007–2008)

Yet another season of Bernice!

The Tub Full of CatsMaggie, Brax, the Mim
The Judas GiftBev, the Mim, Draconians
Freedom of InformationHass, the Mim, Draconians
Novellas: Nobody’s ChildrenVarious
The End of the WorldJason, Brax, Adrian
Novel: The Two JasonsJason
The Final AmendmentKadiatu
Short Stories: Missing AdventuresVarious
The WakePeter, Brax, Adrian, Bev, Doggles, Joseph, Hass
Segment 58:
Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless
Spin-off (2007–2008)

The final series of Dalek Empire, set at the same time as the first two series, but from a different perspective.

If you haven’t, you might want to listen to the 2006 special releases Return of the Daleks and Museum Peace, both of which are linked to the Dalek Empire series.

The Fearless: Part 1
The Fearless: Part 2
The Fearless: Part 3
The Fearless: Part 4
Segment 59:
Companion Chronicles: Series 2

Unlike the first Companion Chronicles series, these stories were released episodically.

Mother Russia1stSteven, Dodo
Helicon Prime2ndJamie
Old Soldiers3rdBrigadier
The Catalyst4thLeela
Segment 60:
Misc: Cuddlesome

Then, a Special Release:

Segment 61:
Monthly Adventures (R)
(Second half of 2008)

Then a few more Monthly Adventures:

The Boy that Time Forgot5thNyssa
The Doomwood Curse6thCharley
Kingdom of Silver; Keepsake7thCybermen
Time Reef; A Perfect World5thNyssa, Brewster
Brotherhood of the Daleks6thCharley, Thals, Daleks
Forty-Five (anthology)7thAce, Hex, the Forge, Nobody No-One
The Raincloud Man6thCharley, DI Menzies
Segment 62:
Eighth Doctor Adventures: Series 2

The Eighth Doctor’s second series of adventures with Lucie.

Dead LondonLucie
Max WarpLucie
Brave New TownLucie
The Skull of SobekLucie
Grand Theft CosmosLucie, the Headhunter, Karen
The Zygon Who Fell to EarthLucie, Pat, Zygons
Sisters of the FlameLucie, Morbius, Sisterhood of Karn, Straxus
The Vengence of MorbiusLucie, Morbius, Sisterhood of Karn, Straxus
Segment 63:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 9
Spin-off (2008)

Summerfield returns for another Series (10 years after her first!)

This series starts to see the prose releases tapering off.

Beyond the SeaPeter
The Adolescence of TimePeter
The Adventure of Diogenes DamselMycroft, Straxus, Cwejen
Novellas: The Vampire CurseVarious
The Diet of WormsPeter
Segment 64:
The Stageplays
Spin-off (2008)

The Stageplays was a one-off audio series from Big Finish, based on theatrical plays from the 60s and 80s.

The Ultimate Adventure6th Doctor, Daleks, Cybermen
Seven Keys to Doomsdaya non-canon Doctor, Daleks
The Curse of the DaleksDaleks
Segment 65:
Doctor Who Unbound (sequel stories)
Spin-off (2005–2008)

Due to the popularity of both Geoffrey Bayldon and David Warner’s portrayals of the Doctor in previous Unbound stories (Auld Mortlity and Sympathy for the Devil), two sequel stories were released.

(David Warner’s popularity even extends beyond this series, and he returns in The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 3).

StoryWhat If…Listen?
A Storm of AngelsWhat if… the Doctor really had changed history, even just the tiniest bit?
Masters of WarA sequel to Sympathy for the Devil
Segment 66:
Torchwood: Lost Souls
Spin-off (2008)

The BBC produced a number of Radio plays for Torchwood, the first of which celebrated the switching on of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. As of 2019, this is the only audio performance of Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones.

Lost SoulsCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Martha Jones
Segment 67:
Misc: Return of the Krotons, Some Short Trips: Rarities, Audiobooks

A whole bunch of Short Trip Rarities:

Lepidoptery for Beginners2ndJamie, Zoe
Twilight’s End7thNimrod
Breadcrumbs4thRomana II
Only Connect4th

A bonus release:

Return of the Krotons6thCharley, Krotons

Audiobooks (2008)

Some New Series Adventures audiobooks:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Martha in the Mirror10thMarthaFreema Agyeman10 April 2008
Snowglobe 710thMarthaGeorgia Moffet10 April 2008
The Many Hands10thMarthaDavid Troughton10 April 2008
The Ghosts of India10thDonnaDavid Troughton4 September 2008
The Doctor Trap10thDonnaRussell Tovey4 September 2008
Shining Darkness10thDonnaDebbie Chazen4 September 2008
The Story of Martha10thMartha, the MasterFreema Agyeman26 December 2008
Beautiful Chaos10thDonna, Wilf, SylviaBernard Cribbins26 December 2008
The Eyeless10thRussel Tovey26 December 2008

Then, some Original to Audio audibooks:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Pest Control10thDonnaDavid Tennant8 May 2008
The Forever Trap10thDonnaCathrine Tate9 October 2008

Some Sarah Jane Adventures audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Time CapsuleElisabeth Sladen13 November 2008
The Ghost HouseElisabeth Sladen13 November 2008

And some Torchwood audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
HiddenNaoko Mori4 February 2008
Everyone Says HelloBurn Gorman4 February 2008


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 309 audio dramas and 45 audio books.

New Ranges in 2009:

Segment 68:
Monthly Adventures (S)
(First half of 2009)

The first half of the Monthly Adventures in 2009. The first 3 of these form a trilogy of adventures, called The Key 2 Time (and hence being a sequel to Season 16 of Doctor Who, The Key to Time). The new characters introduced in these stories, Amy and Zara, would go on to have stories of their own.

Starting with The Key 2 Time Trilogy, the Monthly Adventures shifted format – instead of each release being completely unrelated to the previous, the adventures are now released in trilogies, with one specific TARDIS team. These trilogies don’t neccessarily need to be listened to in order, but it is somewhat better to do so.

The Key 2 Time — The Judgement of Isskar5thAmy, Zara, Ice Warriors
The Key 2 Time — The Destroyer of Lights5thAmy, the Guardians of Time
The Key 2 Time — The Chaos Pool5thAmy, Zara, Romana II, the Guardians of Time
The Magic Moustrap7thAce, Hex
Enemy of the Daleks7thAce, Hex, Daleks
The Angel of Scutari7thAce, Hex
Segment 69:
Iris Wildthyme: Series 2
Spin-off (2009)

Iris Wildthyme returns!

The Sound of FearPanda
The Land of WonderPanda
The Two IrisesPanda
The Panda InvasionPanda
Segment 70:
Companion Chronicles: Series 3

The Companion Chronicles got many more stories in this series, and for the first time included stories from Doctors after the Fourth.

Here There Be Monsters1stSusan, Ian, Barbara
The Great Space Elevator2ndVictoria, Jamie
The Doll of Death3rdJo, Brigadier, Mike Yates, Benton
Empathy Games4thLeela
Home Truths1stSara, Steven, Robert
The Darkening Eye5thNyssa, Adric, Tegan, Dar Traders
The Transit of Venus1stIan, Barbara, Susan
The Prisoner’s Dilemma7thAce, Zara
Resistance2ndPolly, Ben, Jamie
The Magician’s Oath3rdMike Yates, Jo, Brigadier, Benton
The Mahogany MurderersJago & Litefoot, Dr Tulp
The Stealers from Saiph4thRomana I
Segment 71:
BBC Torchwood Audio Dramas
Spin-off (2009)

Originally broadcast on BBC Radio, these stories are set just before Series 3 of the TV show.

AsylumCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto
Golden AgeCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto
The Dead LineCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto
Segment 72:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 10
Spin-off (2009)
Glory DaysPeter, Bev, Adrian, Brax
Venus MantrapAdrian, Peter
Secret OriginsPeter, Robyn, Brax
Short Stories: Secret Histories
Segment 73:
Monthly Adventures (T)
(Second half of 2009)

The second half of Monthly Adventures in 2009 featured an Eighth Doctor anthology release, The Company of Friends; then a trilogy focused on the Sixth Doctor attempting to discover Charley’s origins; and finally a trilogy featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.

The Company of Friends8thBernice, Fitz, Izzy, Mary Shelley
Patient Zero6thCharley, Daleks, Viyrans
Paper Cuts6thMila, Draconians
Blue Forgotten Planet6thMila, Charley, Viyrans
Castle of Fear5thNyssa
The Eternal Summer5thNyssa, Maxwell Edison
Plague of the Daleks5thNyssa, Daleks
Segment 74:
Eighth Doctor Adventures: Series 3

The Eighth Doctor’s third series of adventures with Lucie.

HothouseLucie, Krynoids
The Beast of OrlokLucie
Wirrn DawnLucie, Wirrn
The ScapegoatLucie
The CannibalistsLucie
The Eight TruthsLucie, Karen, Eight Legs
Worldwide WebLucie, Karen, Eight Legs
Segment 75:
The True History of Faction Paradox
Spin-off (2005–2009)

This is the first of two series in this list from Magic Bullet Productions, another fan-made spin-off producer of audio dramas.

These stories continue on after The Faction Paradox Protocols, and features a deeper exploration into Sutekh and the Osirians from the TV story The Pyramids of Mars.

Coming to DustJustine, Eliza
The Ship of a Billion YearsJustine, Eliza, Sutekh
Body PoliticJustine, Eliza, Sutekh, the War King, Horus
Words from Nine DivinitiesJustine, Eliza, Sutekh, the War King, Horus
OzymandiusJustine, Horus, Sutekh
The Judgement of SutekhJustine, Horus, Sutekh
Segment 76:
The Nest Cottage Chronicles: Hornet’s Nest

The first series of audio dramas produced by the BBC for Doctor Who in a very long time, featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor for the first time in audio since 1976.

This is part of a 3 series production titled The Nest Cottage Chronicles.

The Stuff of NightmaresMike Yates, Mrs Wibbsey, Hornets
The Dead ShoesMike Yates, Mrs Wibbsey, Hornets
The Circus of DoomMike Yates, Mrs Wibbsey, Hornets
A Sting in the TaleMike Yates, Mrs Wibbsey, Hornets
Hive of HorrorMike Yates, Mrs Wibbsey, Hornets
Segment 77:
Eighth Doctor Adventures: Series 4 “Christmas Special”

The first story of Series 4 of the Eighth Doctor Adventures was released as a Christmas Special – the rest of the series didn’t start for another 7 months.

Death in BlackpoolLucie, Pat, Zygons

I highly recommend that you also listen to An Earthly Child (see segment 79), because (despite not actually being part of the Eighth Doctor Adventures) parts of it become relevant later on.

Segment 78:
Cyberman: Series 2
Spin-off (2009)

The second (and final) series in the Big Finish Cyberman spin-off, released as a box set.

Samantha, Liam, Paul, Cybermen
Segment 79:
Misc: An Earthly Child, Audiobooks

This segment includes a story where the Eighth Doctor meets up with Susan (the Doctor’s grandaughter), which is essential listening for people going through the Eighth Doctor Adventures, as well as an Iris Wildthyme Christmas Episode

An Earthly Child8thSusan
Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa

Audiobooks (2009)

Then, some New Series Adventures audiobooks:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Judgement of the Judoon10thJudoonNicholas Briggs16 April 2009
The Slitheen Excursion10thSlitheenDebbie Chazen16 April 2009
Prisoner of the Daleks10thDaleksNicholas Briggs16 April 2009
The Taking of Chealsea 42610thSontarans, Rutan HostChristopher Ryan3 September 2009
Autonomy10thNestene, AutonsGeorgia Moffet3 September 2009
The Krillitane Storm10thKrillitaneWill Thorpe3 September 2009

Some original-to-audio audiobooks:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Nemonite Invasion10thDonnaCathrine Tate12 February 2009
The Rising Night10thMichelle Ryan2 July 2009
The Day of the Troll10thDavid Tennant8 October 2009

Some Sarah Jane Smith audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Shadow PeopleElisabeth Sladen8 October 2009
The White WolfElisabeth Sladen8 October 2009

And some Torchwood audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
In the ShadowsEve Myles7 May 2009
The Sin EatersGareth David-Lloyd4 June 2009


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 371 audio dramas and 58 audio books.

New Ranges in 2010:

Segment 80:
Monthly Adventures (U)
(First half of 2010)

Some more Monthly Adventures! The first 3 feature the return of Klein, the villain of the 25th Monthly Adventure Colditz. The other 3 feature the Sixth Doctor meeting up with Jamie again.

A Thousand Tiny Wings7thKlein
Survival of the Fittest/Klein’s Story7th, 8thKlein
The Architects of History7thKlein, Selachians
City of Spires6thJamie
The Wreck of the Titan6thJamie
Legend of the Cybermen6thJamie, Zoe, Cybermen
Segment 81:
Companion Chronicles: The Specials

A collection of three special releases from the Companion Chronicles range. The collection was released in 2011, however since the stories themselves were released in 2009 and 2010, it’s here.

The Mists of Time3rdJo, Time Lords
The Three CompanionsPolly, the Brigadier, Brewster
Segment 82:
Companion Chronicles: Series 4
The Drowned World1stSara, Steven, Robert
The Glorious Revolution2ndJamie, Zoe
The Prisoner of Peladon3rdKing Peladon, Alpha Centuri, Ice Warriors
The Pyralis Effect4thRomana II
Ringpullworld5thTurlough, Tegan, Huxley
Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code7thBernice
The Suffering1stVicki, Steven
The Emperor of Eternity2ndJamie, Victoria
Shadow of the Past3rdLiz, Brigadier, Mike Yates
The Time Vampire4thLeela, K9
Night’s Black Agents6thJamie
Solitaire8thCharley, Celestial Toymaker
Segment 83:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 1
Spin-off (2010)

Jago & Litefoot is a series by Big Finish, focusing on the titular characters (introduced in The Talons of Weng-Chiang) solving mysteries in 1890s London. Each Jago & Litefoot series was released as a single box set.

The Bloodless Soldier
Sergeant Quick, Ellie
The Bellova Devil
The Spirit Trap
The Similarity Engine
Segment 84:
The Lost Stories: Series 1

Another Big Finish series. It took scripts that had been officially proposed to the BBC during the Classic era, converted them to audio dramas, and recorded them. It lasted for 4 seasons (until they had run out of unmade scripts to convert).

The “Season” column indicates what Season it was meant to be broadcast in originally.

The Nightmare Fair6thPeri, Celestial Toymaker23
Mission to Magnus6thPeri, Sil, Ice Warriors23
The Hollows of Time6thPeri, Tractators23
Paradise 56thPeri23
Point of Entry6thPeri23
The Song of Megaptera6thPeri22
The Macros6thPeri22
Segment 85:
Monthly Adventures (V)
(Second half of 2010)

And now the final Monthly Adventures for 2010. The first three feature the Fifth Doctor with Nyssa, Tegan, and Turlough – a TARDIS team which had never appeared in audio before. The next three stories feature the Seventh Doctor with Ace and Hex, as well as the Forge and the Sixth Doctor’s companion Evelyn. Finally, December’s release was an anthology story.

Cobwebs5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
The Whispering Forest5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
The Cradle of the Snake5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Mara
Project: Destiny7thAce, Hex, Nimrod, the Forge
A Death in the Family7thAce, Hex, Evelyn, Nobody No-One, the Forge
Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge7thAce, Hex
The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories5thNyssa
Segment 86:
Short Trips: Volume I

Short Trips Volumes contain 8 short stories, featuring each of the 8 Doctors. These are, essentially, enhanced audiobooks.

Rise and Fall1stSusan, Barbara, Ian
A Stain of Red in the Sand2ndZoe
A True Gentleman3rd
The Deep5thNyssa
The Wings of a Butterfly6th
Police and Shreeves7thAce
Running Out of Time8th
Segment 87:
Graceless I
Spin-off (2010)

Graceless is a spin-off sequel to The Key 2 Time, featuring Abby and Zara.

The Sphere
Abby, Zara
The Fog
The End
Segment 88:
Bernice Summerfield: Series 11
Spin-off (2010)

The last series-style release of Bernice Summerfield – the subsequent releases were as named box sets.

Dead and Buried (video)Brax
Resurrecting the PastPeter, Brax, Bev, Adrian, Robyn, Doggles, Joseph, Hass
Short Stories: Present DangerVarious
Escaping the FuturePeter, Brax, Bev, Adrian, Doggles, Joseph, Hass
Year Zero
Dead Man’s Switch
Segment 89:
The Nest Cottage Chronicles: Demon Quest

The second Nest Cottage Chronicles series featuring the Fourth Doctor.

The Relics of TimeMrs Wibbsey, the Demon
The Demon of ParisMrs Wibbsey, the Demon
A Shard of IceMrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates, the Demon
StarfallMrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates, the Demon
SepulchreMrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates, the Demon
Segment 90:
Misc: The Four Doctors, Audiobooks

Bonus Release The Four Doctors:

The Four Doctors5th, 6th, 7th, 8thDaleks

Audiobooks (2010)

First, the last few original-to-audio books featuring the 10th Doctor:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Last Voyage10thDavid Tennant7 January 2010
Dead Air10thDavid Tennant4 March 2010

Then, two Sarah Jane Adventures audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Deadly DownloadElisabeth Sladen15 February 2010
Wraith WorldElisabeth Sladen15 February 2010

Then, a number of New Series Adventures audiobooks featuring the Eleventh Doctor:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Apollo 2311thAmyJames Albrecht22 April 2010
Night of the Humans11thAmyArthur Darvill22 April 2010
The Forgotten Army11thAmyOlivia Colman22 April 2010
Nuclear Time11thAmy, RoryNicholas Briggs8 July 2010
The King’s Dragon11thAmy, RoryNicholas Briggs8 July 2010
The Glamour Chase11thAmy, RoryArthur Darvill8 July 2010
The Coming of the Terraphiles11thAmyClive Mantle14 October 2010

And finally, two Original-to-Audio books:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead byrelease date
The Ring of Steel11thAmyArthur Darvill5 august 2010
The Runaway Train11thAmyMatt Smith6 october 2010


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 432 audio dramas and 72 audio books.

New Ranges in 2011:

Segment 91:
Monthly Adventures (W)
(First half of 2011)

The first quarter of 2011’s Monthly Adventures features the re-introduction of Thomas Brewster (albeit this time with the Sixth Doctor), and the introduction of Flip. The second quarter features more adventures with Nyssa, Tegan, and Turlough.

The Crimes of Thomas Brewster6thEvelyn, Brewster, Flip, DI Menzies
The Feast of Axos6thEvelyn, Brewster, Axons
Industrial Evolution6thEvelyn, Brewster
Heroes of Sontar5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Sontarans
Kiss of Death5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Rat Trap5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Segment 92:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 2
Spin-off (2011)

Jago & Litefoot return for a second series.

Litefoot and Sanders
Sanders, Dr Sacker
The Necropolis Express
The Theatre of Dreams
The Ruthven Inheritance
Segment 93:
Short Trips: Volume II

The second Short Trips anthology.

19631stBarbara, Ian, Vicki
The Way Forwards2ndVictoria
Walls of Confinement3rdLiz
Chain Reaction4thSarah Jane Smith
Sock Pig5th
The Doctor’s Coat6th
Critical Mass7thAce
Letting Go8thCharley
Segment 94:
Gallifrey IV
Spin-off (2011)

The Gallifrey series returns, after a long break. It features Romana II, Leela, K9 II, and more, and is now in boxset format!

Segment 95:
Eighth Doctor Adventures: Series 4

The final series of the Eighth Doctor Adventures, introducing new companion Tamsin Drew. This series also features the return of the Monk, from the TV story The Time Meddler.

Note that this segment is missing story 1 of Series 4, since that was released as a Christmas episode.

Before listening to the rest of these stories, make sure you’ve listened to Death in Blackpool, the Christmas episode, and An Earthly Child

After these stories, the Eighth Doctor Adventures continue in Dark Eyes, and Lucie Miller’s adventures continue in The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller (coming in July 2019).

Situation VacantTamsin
The Book of KellsTamsin
DeimosTamsin, Ice Warriors
The Resurrection of MarsTamsin, Lucie, Ice Warriors, the Monk
Relative DimensionsSusan, Alex
Prisoner of the Sun
Lucie MillerDaleks, Lucie, Susan, Alex, the Monk, Tamsin
To the DeathDaleks, Lucie, Susan, Alex, the Monk, Tamsin
Segment 96:
Short Trips: Volume III

The third Short Trips anthology.

Seven to One1st2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Doctors
The Five Dimensional Man2ndJamie, Zoe
The Wondrous Box4thSarah Jane Smith
Wet Walls5thPeri
The Murmurs of Earth6thPeri
The Riparian Ripper7thAce
All the Fun of the Fair8thLucie
Segment 97:
Companion Chronicles: Series 5
The Guardian of the Solar System1stSara, Steven, Bret, Mavic Chen, Robert
Echoes of Grey2ndZoe, Jamie
Find and Replace3rdJo, Iris Wildthyme, Huxley, Brigadier, Benton
The Invasion of E-Space4thRomana II, Adric
A Town Called Fortune6thEvelyn
Peri and the Piscon Paradox5th, 6thPeri
The Perpetual Bond1stSteven, Oliver
The Forbidden Time2ndPolly, Ben, Jamie
The Sentinels of the New Dawn3rdLiz
Fierril’s Folly4thRomana I
The Cold Equations1stSteven, Oliver
Segment 98:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 3
Spin-off (2011)

Jago & Litefoot return for a third series! This series features Leela returning to Victorian London and joining the pair.

Dead Men’s Tales
The Man at the End of the Garden
Swan Song
Segment 99:
Monthly Adventures (X)
(Second half of 2011)

The second half of 2011’s Monthly Adventures, which includes an anthology story, three stories where the Seventh Doctor is travelling alone (although he does meet two future companions), and three of the Eighth Doctor’s adventures with Mary Shelley.

Robophobia7thLiv, Kaldor robots
Recorded Time and Other Stories6thPeri
The Doomsday Quatrain7th
House of Blue Fire7thSally
The Silver Turk8thMary Shelley, Cybermen
The Witch from the Well8thMary Shelley
Army of Death8thMary Shelley
Segment 100:
The Lost Stories: Series 2

More of the Lost stories. This Series features First and Second Doctor stories, which (due to missing actors) are halfway between a Companion Chronicle and a full cast drama.

The Destroyers was intended to be part of a spin-off series by Dalek creator Terry Nation, that was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute.

Farewell, Great Macedon1stSusan, Ian, Barbara1
The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance1stSusan, Ian, Barbara1
Prison in Space2ndJamie, Zoe6
The DestroyersSara, DaleksSpin-off
Thin Ice7thAce, Ice Warriors27
Crime of the Century7thAce, Raine27
Animal7thAce, Raine, Bambera, UNIT27
Earth Aid7thAce, Raine27
Segment 101:
Torchwood: The Lost Files
Spin-off (2011)

The second set of Torchwood audio dramas. The first two take place before Series 3 of the TV show, and the last one takes place afterwards.

The Devil and Miss CarewCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto
SubmissionCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto
The House of the DeadCaptain Jack, Gwen, Ianto
Segment 102:
Short Trips: Volume IV

The fourth Short Trips anthology.

A Star is Born1stBarbara, Ian, Susan
Penny Wise, Pound Foolish2ndJamie, Zoe
Lost in the Wakefield Triangle3rdJo
The Old Rogue4thRomana II, K9, 2nd Doctor, Jamie
The Lions of Trafalgar5thNyssa, Tegan
To Cut a Blade of Glass6thPeri
The Shadow Trader7thAce
Quantum Heresy8th
Segment 103:
Bernice Summerfield: Epoch
Spin-off (2011)

The first box set release of Bernice Summerfield. These stories are set in Atlantis.

The Kraken’s Lament
Ruth, Leonidas,
The Temple of Questions
Private Enemy No. 1
Judgement Day
Segment 104:
The Nest Cottage Chronicles: Serpent Crest

The third BBC series featuring the Fourth Doctor, and the final one in the Nest Cottage Chronicles.

Tsar WarsMrs Wibbsey
The Broken CrownMrs Wibbsey
Aladdin TimeMrs Wibbsey, the Scarf
The Hexford Invasion2nd Doctor, Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates
Survivors in Space2nd Doctor, Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates
Segment 105:
Graceless II
Spin-off (2011)

Abby and Zara return for a second series.

The Line
Abby, Zara
The Flood
The Dark
Segment 106:
Misc: The Five Companions, Audiobooks

A Bonus Release:

The Five Companions5thIan, Steven, Sara, Polly, Nyssa

And then the audiobooks for 2011:

Audiobooks (2011)

First, some Torchwood audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Department XKai Owen7 March 2011
Ghost TrainKai Owen7 March 2011

Next, some New Series Adventures audiobooks:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Dead of Winter11thAmy, RoryClare Corbett28 April 2011
The Way Through the Woods11thAmy, RoryClare Corbett28 April 2011
Hunter’s Moon11thAmy, RoryArthur Darvill28 April 2011
Touched by an Angel11thAmy, Rory, Weeping AngelsClare Corbett23 June 2011
Paradox Lost11thAmy, RoryNicholas Briggs23 June 2011
Borrowed Time11thAmy, RoryMeera Syal23 June 2011
The Silent Stars Go By11thAmy, Rory, Ice WarriorsMichael Maloney29 September 2011

Then, some original-to-audio audiobooks:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead byRelease date
The Jade Pyramid11thAmyMatt Smith10 february 2011
The Gemini Contagion11thAmyMeera Syal14 march 2011
The Hounds of Artemis11thAmyMatt Smith, Clare Corbett5 may 2011
The Eye of the Jungle11thAmy, RoryDavid Troughton7 july 2011
Blackout11thAmy, RoryStuart Milligan9 september 2011

And then the last two Sarah Jane Adventures audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Children of SteelDaniel Anthony10 November 2011
Judgement DayAnjli Mohindra10 November 2011


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 526 audio dramas and 88 audio books.

New Ranges in 2012:

Segment 107:
Monthly Adventures (Y)
(First quarter of 2012)

Starting with 2012, our Monthly Adventures segments are now going to be in Quarters Of A Year, instead of Halves Of A Year. This is because the number of other releases has increased drastically.

This quarter features the Sixth Doctor, with new-ish companion Flip.

The Curse of Davros6thFlip, Davros, Daleks
The Fourth Wall6thFlip
Wirrn Isle6thFlip, Wirrn
Segment 108:
I, Davros: The Davros Mission
Spin-off (2012)

And now a special release, finishing off the I, Davros series:

The Davros MissionDavros, Daleks
Segment 109:
The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Box Set

A special box set release of Lost stories, featuring the 4th Doctor!

The Foe from the Future4thLeela14
The Valley of Death4thLeela15
Segment 110:
Bernice Summerfield: Road Trip
Spin-off (2012)

Road Trip begins a pattern of three audio stories and one tie in novel per box set. In this set, Bernice is searching for her lost son, Peter.

Brand Management
Bad Habits
Novel: The Weather on Vesimmon
Paradise Frost
Segment 111:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 4
Spin-off (2012)

More tales of mystery.

Jago in Love
Leela, Ellie
Beautiful Things
The Lonely Clock
The Hourglass Killers
Segment 112:
Monthly Adventures (Z)
(Second quarter of 2012)

A few more Monthly Adventures releases, featuring the 5th Doctor.

The Emerald Tiger5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
The Jupiter Conjunction5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
The Butcher of Brisbane5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Magnus Greel
Segment 113:
Companion Chronicles: Series 6
Tales from the Vault1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4thMatheson, Sato, Steven, Dodo, Zoe, Jamie, Jo, Romana I
The Rocket Men1stIan, Barbara, Vicki, Rocket Men
The Memory Cheats2ndZoe, Jamie
The Many Deaths of Jo Grant3rdJo
The First Wave1stSteven, Oliver, Vardans
Beyond the Ultimate Adventure6thCrystal, Jason
The Anachronauts1stSteven, Sara
The Selachian Gambit2ndJamie, Polly, Ben, Selachians
The Wanderer1stIan, Susan, Barbara
The Jigsaw War2ndJamie
The Rings of Ikiria3rdYates, Brigadier, Benton
Segment 114:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 1

At last – Big Finish creates a series with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.

Destination: NervaLeela
The Renaissance ManLeela
The Wrath of the IceniLeela
Energy of the DaleksLeela, Daleks
Trail of the White WormLeela, the Master
The Oseidon AdventureLeela, the Master, Kraals
Segment 115:
Misc: The Revenants

A special release from the Companion Chronicles series

The Revenants1stBarbara, IanYes
Segment 116:
Monthly Adventures (AA)
(Third quarter of 2012)

A few more Monthly Adventures releases, this time with the Seventh Doctor travelling with Ace and Hex, and introducing new companions Sally and Lysandra.

Protect and Survive7thAce, Hex
Black and White7thAce, Hex, Sally, Lysandra
Gods and Monsters7thAce, Hex, Sally, Lysandra, Fenric
Segment 117:
Counter-Measures: Series 1
Spin-off (2012)

This series involves several characters from the Remembrance of the Daleks (Group Captain Ian Gilmore, Professor Rachel Jenson, and Allison Williams), solving mysteries relating to the paranormal or alien in Britain in 1964, as part of the Intrusion Countermeasures Group.

Artifical Intelligence
The Pelage Project
State of Emergency
Segment 118:
Kaldor City
Spin-off (2001–2012)

Another series from Magic Bullet Productions, focusing around Kaldor City (the city from the TV serial The Robots of Death and the novel Corpse Marker). The writer of the original stories was heavily involved in the production. The stories involve a character called Carnell, who was originally in a Blake’s 7 episode, which makes this series technically a cross over.

The series is 6 parts long, but there are 2 special releases (The Prisoner and Metafiction).

Occam’s Razor
Death’s Head
Hidden Persuaders
Taren Capel
Storm Mine
The Prisoner

This concludes the Magic Bullet productions that relate to Doctor Who. The rest of this guide has only BBC or Big Finish releases.

Segment 119:
Iris Wildthyme: Series 3
Spin-off (2012)

Iris Wildthyme returns again, after a three year absence, and now in a box set format.

Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society
Iris Rides Out
Midwinter Murders
Segment 120:
The Lost Stories: Series 3

More of the Lost stories.

The Elite5thNyssa, Tegan20
Hexagora5thNyssa, Tegan20
The Children of Seth5thNyssa, Tegan20
The Guardians of Prophecy6thPeri, Melkur22
Power Play6thPeri, Victoria23
The First Sontarans6thPeri, Sontarans22
The Masters of Luxor1stSusan, Ian, Barbara1
The Rosemariners2ndJamie, Zoe6
Segment 121:
Bernice Summerfield: Legion
Spin-off (2012)
Vesuvius Falling
Peter, Ruth, Jack, Brax, Dorian Gray
Novel: The Slender-Fingered Cats of Bubastis
Shades of Gray
Everybody Loves Irving
Segment 122:
Monthly Adventures (BB)
(Fourth quarter of 2012)

Finishing off 2012’s Monthly Adventures, we have 3 stories set in the galaxy-spanning Drashani Empire, and then an anthology release 1001 Nights.

The Burning Prince5th
The Acheron Pulse6th
The Shadow Heart7thVienna
1001 Nights5thNyssa
Segment 123:
Novel Adaptions: Love and War

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bernice Summerfield’s introduction, Big Finish started a new range: Novel Adaptions, adapting various stories from the Virgin New Adventures and Virgin Missing Adventures to audio. The first release in this range is Love and War, an adaption of the novel that introduced Benny.

Love and War7thAce, Bernice
Segment 124:
Dark Eyes 1

The Eighth Doctor resumes his adventures, except instead of in a series format they’re in a box set format.

The Doctor and new companion Molly find themselves thrust into a series of dangerous and terrifying adventures, with the Daleks never far behind them…

The Great War
Molly, Daleks
Tangled Web
X and the Daleks
Segment 125:
Jago & Litefoot’s Voyage
Spin-off (2012)

Jago & Litefoot travel with the Doctor on 2 adventures.

Voyage to Venus6th Doctor
Voyage to the New World6th Doctor
Segment 126:
Misc: Many Happy Returns, Dominion, Audiobooks

2 special releases: One for Bernice Summerfield, one for UNIT.

Many Happy ReturnsJoseph, Brax, Adrian, Bev, Peter, Ruth, Jack, Leonidas, Iris Wildthyme, Panda, the Doctor
UNIT Dominion7th Doctor, Raine, Klein, the Master

And then the audiobooks for 2012:

Audiobooks (2012)

The final few Torchwood audiobooks:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Army of OneKai Owen8 March 2012
FalloutTom Price5 April 2012
Red SkiesJohn Telfer3 May 2012
Mr InvincibleTom Price7 June 2012

One New Series Adventures audiobook:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Dark Horizons11thNeve McIntosh5 July 2012

Several Original-to-Audio books:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead byRelease date
The Art of Death11thAmy, RoryRaquel Cassidy5 january 2012
Darkstar Academy11thAmy, RoryAlexander Armstrong8 march 2012
Day of the Cockroach11thAmy, RoryArthur Darvill3 may 2012
The Nu-Humans11thAmy, RoryRaquel Cassidy5 july 2012
The Empty House11thAmy, RoryRaquel Cassidy6 september 2012
Sleepers in the Dust11thAmy, RoryArthur Darvill1 november 2012
Snake Bite11thAmy, RoryFrances Barber6 december 2012

Two New Series tie-in novels:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Angel’s Kiss: A Melody Malone MysteryRiver SongAlex Kingston4 October 2012
Devil in the SmokePaternoster GangDan Starkey18 December 2012

And finally, an audiobook from the “Past Doctors New Novels” series:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Wheel of Ice2nd Doctor, Jamie, ZoeDavid Troughton16 August 2012


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 603 audio dramas and 103 audio books.

New Ranges in 2013:


Segment 127:
Monthly Adventures (CC)
(First quarter of 2013)

The first few Monthly Adventures of 2013, featuring the Sixth Doctor and Mel.

The Wrong Doctors6thMel
Spaceport Fear6thMel
The Seeds of War6thMel, the Eminence
Segment 128:
Gallifrey V
Spin-off (2013)

The Gallifrey series returns. It features Romana II, Leela, Narvin, and more.

Segment 129:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 5
Spin-off (2013)

More tales of mystery, but this time set in the wrong century…

The Age of Revolution
The Case of the Gluttonous Guru
The Bloodchild Codex
The Final Act
Segment 130:
Monthly Adventures (DD)
(Second quarter of 2013)

The second quarter of 2013 featured the 5th Doctor.

Eldrad Must Die!5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Eldrad
The Lady of Mercia5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Prisoners of Fate5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Segment 131:
Bernice Summerfield: New Frontiers
Spin-off (2013)

Tensions heat up for Benny’s family…

A Handful of Dust
Peter, Ruth, Jack, Brax, Fenman
Novel: Filthy Lucre
HMS Surprise
The Curse of Fenman
Segment 132:
Companion Chronicles: Series 7
The Time Museum1stIan
The Uncertainty Principle2ndZoe, Jamie
Project: Nirvana7thLysandra, Sally
The Last Post3rdLiz, Emily Shaw, Brigadier
Return of the Rocket Men1stSteven, Dodo, Rocket Men
The Child4thLeela
The Flames of Cadiz1stIan, Susan, Barbara
House of Cards2ndPolly, Jamie, Ben
The Scorchies3rdJo, Brigadier, Scorchies
The Library of Alexandria1stIan, Barbara, Susan
The Apocalypse Mirror2ndJamie, Zoe
Council of War3rdBenton, Brigadier
Segment 133:
Graceless III
Spin-off (2013)

Abby and Zara return for a third series.

The Edge
Abby, Zara
The Battle
Segment 134:
Counter-Measures: Series 2
Spin-off (2013)

The continuing adventures of the ICMG.

The Fifth Citadel
Sins of the Fathers
Segment 135:
Monthly Adventures (EE)
(Third quarter of 2013)

This segment features the 7th Doctor and Klein.

Persuasion7thKlein, Will
Starlight Robbery7thKlein, Will, Sontarans, Garundel
Daleks Among Us7thKlein, Will, Davros, Daleks
Segment 136:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 2

The Fourth Doctor’s adventures continue, this time with Romana I.

The Auntie MatterRomana I
The Sands of LifeRomana I, K9, Cuthbert, Laan
War Against the LanRomana I, Cuthbert, Laan
The Justice of JalxarRomana I, Jago, Litefoot
Phantoms of the DeepRomana I, K9
The Dalek ContractRomana I, K9, Daleks, Cuthbert
The Final PhaseRomana I, K9, Daleks, Cuthbert
Segment 137:
Iris Wildthyme: Series 4
Spin-off (2013)

Iris Wildthyme returns for her final numbered series.

Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme
Iris at the Oche
A Lift in Time
Segment 138:
Monthly Adventures (FF)
(Fourth quarter of 2013)

This segment includes 1963, a 3 part celebration for the 50th anniversary of doctor who.

1963: Fanfare for the Common Men5thNyssa
1963: The Space Race6thPeri
1963: The Assassination Games7thAce, Counter-Measures
Afterlife7thAce, Hex, Sally
Segment 139:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 6
Spin-off (2013)

More tales of mystery, with Jago and Litefoot now back in Victorian London.

The Skeleton Quay
The Colonel, Ellie, Quick, Agatha
Return of the Repressed
Military Intelligence
The Trial of George Litefoot
Segment 140:
Gallifrey VI
Spin-off (2013)

The Gallifrey series returns. It features Romana II, Leela, Narvin, and more.

Segment 141:
50th anniversary specials

First, the Big Finish 50th anniversary release, featuring the Fourth through to Eighth Doctors (as well as minor parts for the first three doctors), all caught in a trap layed out by the Master…

The Light at the End1st through to 8thCharley, Leela, Nyssa, Peri, Ace, the MasterDefinitely

Next, The Destiny of the Doctor – A collaboration between AudioGO and Big Finish productions. It was released each month between January and November 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It’s similar to the Companion Chronicles, in that there are generally only one or two voice actors.

Hunters of Earth1stSusan
Shadow of Death2ndJamie, Zoe
Vengeance of the Stones3rdBrigadier, Mike Yates
Smoke and Mirrors5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
Trouble in Paradise6thPeri
Enemy Aliens8thCharley
Night of the Whisper9thRose, Jack
Death’s Deal10thDonna
The Time Machine11thAlice

The release of The Destiny of the Doctors was somewhat disrupted by AudioGO going into administration in October 2013, but the last story was released by Big Finish.

Segment 142:
The Lost Stories: Series 4

The final series of Lost Stories.

The Dark Planet1stIan, Barbara, Vicki2
The Queen of Time2ndJamie, Zoe6
Lords of the Red Planet2ndJamie, Zoe, Ice Warriors6
The Mega3rdJo, Brigadier, Yates, Benton9
Segment 143:
Bernice Summerfield: Missing Persons
Spin-off (2013)

The odds are stacked against Benny, and this seems undoubtedly like the end for Benny…

(It isn’t The End, Benny returns in The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield).

Novel: Adorable Illusion
Ruth, Jack, Adrian, Bev, Fenman, Brax, Peter
Big Dig
The Revenant’s Carnival
The Brimstone Kid
The Winning Side
In Living Memory
Segment 144:
Misc: Night of the Stormcrow, Trial of the Valeyard, Audiobooks

Two bonus releases: A Fourth Doctor adventure Night of the Stormcrow, then Trial of the Valeyard (which is a sequel to the TV story Trial of a Time Lord).

Night of the Stormcrow4thLeelaDefinitely
Trial of the Valeyard6thThe ValeyardDefinitely

And then the audiobooks for 2013:

Audiobooks (2013)

The last few Eleventh Doctor Novels:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Plague of the Cybermen11thCybermenDavid Warner8 April 2013
The Dalek Generation11thDaleksNicholas Briggs8 April 2013
Shroud of Sorrow11thClaraFrances Barber8 April 2013

A tie-in:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Summer Falls11th DoctorClare Corbett4 April 2013

A Past Doctors New Novels story:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Harvest of Time3rd Doctor, Jo, the BrigadierGeoffrey Beevers4 June 2013


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 685 audio dramas and 108 audio books.

New Ranges in 2014:

Segment 145:
Monthly Adventures (GG)
(First quarter of 2014)

The first quarter of 2014 focused on the Sixth Doctor and Flip.

Antidote to Oblivion6thFlip, Sil
The Brood of Erys6thFlip
Segment 146:
Dark Eyes 2

The Dark Eyes storyline, featuring the 8th Doctor, continues…

The Traitor
Liv, Molly, Daleks, the Master
The White Room
Time’s Horizon
Eyes of the Master
Segment 147:
Monthly Adventures (HH)
(Second quarter of 2014)

Three more Monthly Adventures.

Moonflesh5thNyssa, Hannah
Tomb Ship5thNyssa, Hannah
Masquerade5thNyssa, Hannah
Segment 148:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 7
Spin-off (2014)

More stories featuring the investigators of infernal incidents.

The Monstrous Menagerie
Ellie, Leela
The Night of 1000 Stars
Murder at Moorsey Manor
The Wax Princess
Segment 149:
Charlotte Pollard: Series 1
Spin-off (2014)

Charlotte Pollard’s adventures with the Doctor are over, but now, in service of the Viyrans, she feels stifled, and will take any chance to escape…

The Lamentation Cipher
The Shadow at the Edge of the World
The Fall of the House of Pollard
The Viyran Solution
Segment 150:
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield
Spin-off (2014)

A new box set of adventures, featuring Benny and her friends the Doctor and Ace!

The Revolution
7th Doctor, Ace, Daleks
Good Night, Sweet Ladies
Random Ghosts
The Lights of Skaro
Segment 151:
Companion Chronicles: Series 8

The final series under the Companion Chronicles name – but the series would live on in The First Doctor and The Second Doctor.

MastermindThe Master, Matheson, Sato
The Alchemists1stSusan
Upstairs1stVicki, Steven
Ghost in the Machine3rdJo
The Beginning1stSusan, Stoyn
The Dying Light2ndJamie, Zoe, Stoyn
Luna Romana4thRomana I, Romana II, Romana III, Stoyn
The Sleeping City1stIan, Barbara, Vicki
Starborn1stIan, Barbara, Vicki
The War to End All Wars1stSteven, Dodo, Sida
The Elixir of Doom3rdJo, Iris Wildthyme
Second Chances2ndZoe, Jamie
Segment 152:
Monthly Adventures (II)
(Third quarter of 2014)

An anthology featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri, and then three stories with the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Hex.

Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories6thPeri
Revenge of the Swarm7thAce, Hex
Mask of Tragedy7thAce, Hex
Signs and Wonders7thAce, Hex, Sally
Segment 153:
Counter-Measures: Series 3
Spin-off (2014)

The continuing adventures of the ICMG.

Changing of the Guard
The Concrete Cage
The Forgotten Village
Unto the Breach
Segment 154:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 3

The Fourth Doctor’s adventures continue, with Leela again.

The King of SontarLeela, Sontarans
White GhostsLeela
The Crooked ManLeela
The Evil OneLeela, the Master
Lost of the ColophonLeela
Destroy the InfiniteLeela, the Eminence
The AbandonedLeela
Zygon HuntLeela, Zygons
Segment 155:
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Part 1

This is the first part of a series of audio dramas written by Hinchcliffe (the producer of the show for the first 3 seasons of Tom Baker’s tenure), starring the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

This isn’t actually part of the Fourth Doctor Adventures range, but I’ve connected them together with the prev/next in range links, to make it a little more discoverable.

The Ghosts of Gralstead
The Devil’s Armada
Segment 156:
Misc: Fifth Doctor Box Set, Worlds of Doctor Who

First is the Fifth Doctor Box Set, a full cast audio anthology featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric (played by Matthew Waterhouse for the first time since 1984).

Iterations of I

And then the Worlds of Doctor Who, a special release to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Sirens of Time, the first Doctor Who release from Big Finish. It features the crossover of a number of the Big Finish spin off ranges: Jago & Litefoot, Counter-Measures, Gallifrey, and UNIT.

Mind GamesJago, Litefoot
The Reesinger ProcessCounter-Measures group
The Screaming SkullRuth, Sato, Yates, UNIT
Second SightRomana, Leela, 6th Doctor
Segment 157:
Monthly Adventures (JJ)
(Fourth quarter of 2014)

The last stories of 2014 featured the 6th Doctor and Peri.

The Widow’s Assassin6thPeri
Masters of Earth6thPeri, Daleks
The Rani Elite6thPeri, the Rani
Segment 158:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 8
Spin-off (2014)

More tales of mystery.

Encore of the Scorchies
Ellie, Scorchies, Quick, Patsy
The Backwards Men
Jago & Litefott & Patsy
Higson & Quick
Segment 159:
Dark Eyes 3

The Dark Eyes storyline, featuring the Eighth Doctor, continues…

The Death of Hope
Molly, Liv, the Master
The Reviled
Rule of the Eminence
Segment 160:
Novel Adaption: The Highest Science

And now, a Novel Adaption:

The Highest Science7thBernice, Chelonians
Segment 161:
The Early Adventures: Series 1

The Early Adventures continued telling stories from the first two doctors, like The Companion Chronicles did, but the format was pushed to make it as close to a full cast drama as possible.

The first series features stories from the First Doctor.

Domain of the Voord1stSusan, Barbara, Ian, Voords
The Doctor’s Tale1stVicki, Barbara, Ian
The Bounty of Ceres1stVicki, Steven
An Ordinary Life1stSteven, Sara
Segment 162:
Misc: Some more Subscriber Short Trips, Audiobooks

Some Subscriber Short Trips:

A Room With No View5thPeri
The Piltdown Men2ndH.G. Wells
Late Night Shopping8thLucie
Waiting for Gadot4th3rd Doctor, Jo
The Doctor’s First XI4thRomana I
Sound the Siren and I’ll Come to You Comrade4thLeela
A Home From Home3rdLiz, Benton

And the audiobooks for 2014:

Audiobooks (2014)

An anthology of short stories:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Tales of Trenzalore11th DoctorDavid Troughton27 February 2014

A tie-in:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Engines of WarWar Doctor, Daleks, Time LordsNicholas Briggs31 July 2014

Some New Series Adventures, featuring the Twelfth Doctor:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Blood Cell12thClaraColin Mcfarlane11 September 2014
Silhouette12thClara, Paternoster GangDan Starkey11 September 2014
The Crawling Terror12thClaraNeve McIntosh11 September 2014


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 767 audio dramas and 113 audio books.

New Ranges in 2015:

Segment 163:
Monthly Adventures (KK)
(First quarter of 2015)

The first releases of 2015 focused on the Fifth Doctor revisiting E-Space.

Mistfall5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Marshmen
Equillibrium5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
The Entropy Plague5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Segment 164:
Novel Adaptions: The Romance of Crime, The English Way of Death

Two Novel Adaptions:

The Romance of Crime4thRomana II, K9, Ogrons
The English Way of Death4thRomana II, K9
Segment 165:
Gallifrey VII
Spin-off (2015)

The Gallifrey series returns for a single story.

Intervention Earth
Segment 166:
Dark Eyes 4

The conclusion of the Eighth Doctor storyline Dark Eyes.

A Life in the Day
Liv, Daleks, the Master
The Monster of Montmarte
Master of the Daleks
Eye of Darnkess
Segment 167:
Misc: Even more Subscriber Short Trips
The Young Lions8thLucie
Crystal Ball7thAce
String Theory4thLeela
Segment 168:
Monthly Adventures (LL)
(Second quarter of 2015)

A small collection of Monthly Adventures:

The Defectors7thJo, Yates
Last of the Cybermen6thJamie, Zoe, Cybermen
The Secret History5thSteven, Vicki
Segment 169:
Novel Adaptions: The Well-Mannered War, Damaged Goods
The Well-Mannered War4thRomana II, K9, Chelonians
Damaged Goods7thChris, Roz
Segment 170:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 9
Spin-off (2015)

More tales of mystery.

The Flying Frenchmen
The Devil’s Dicemen
Island of Death
Return of the Nightmare
Segment 171:
Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor: Volume One

The continuation of the Companion Chronicles after the end of the monthly releases, focusing on the first doctor.

The Sleeping Blood
1st Doctor, Susan, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Steven, Sida
The Unwinding World
The Founding Fathers
The Locked Room
Segment 172:
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: The Triumph of Sutekh
Spin-off (2015)

This series sees the return of Sutekh from The Pyramids of Mars.

The Pyramid of Sutekh
7th Doctor, Ace, Sutekh
The Vaults of Osiris
The Eye of Horus
The Tears of Isis
Segment 173:
Misc: Worlds of Big Finish, Sphinx Lightning

And now The Worlds of Big Finish, which is a crossover between many Big Finish releases, some of them in the Doctor Who Universe:

Graceless: The Archive
Bernice, Sherlock, Zara, Abby, Iris Wildthyme, Vienna, Dorian Gray
Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Bloomsbury Bomber
The Confessions of Dorian Gray: The Feast of Magog
Iris Wildthyme: Kronos Vad’s History of Earth (Vol. 36,379)
Vienna: The Lady from Callisto Rhys
Bernice Summerfield: The Phantom Wreck

And also a Subscriber Short Trip:

Sphinx Lightning3rdJo
Segment 174:
Monthly Adventures (MM)
(Third quarter of 2015)
We are the Daleks7thMel, Daleks
The Warehouse7thMel
Terror of the Sontrarans7thMel, Sontarans
Segment 175:
Counter-Measures: Series 4
Spin-off (2015)

The final series of Counter-Measures (before it was replaced with The New Counter-Measures)

New Horizons
The Keep
Rise and Shine
Clean Sweep
Segment 176:
Wildthyme Reloaded
Spin-off (2015)

Iris Wildthyme returns for eight half-hour episodes!

As of writing, this is the last Iris Wildthyme release.

Comeback of the Scorchies
Edwin Turner
Dark Side
Oracle of the Supermarket
Murder at the Abbey
The Slots of Giza
High Spirits
An Extraterrestial Werewolf in Belgium
Looking for a Friend
Segment 177:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 4

The Fourth Doctor’s adventures continue, with Leela.

The ExxilonsLeelaK9, Exxilons
The Darkness of GlassLeela
Requiem for the Rocket MenLeelaK9, Rocket Men, the Master
Death MatchLeelaK9, the Master
Suburban HellLeela
The Cloisters of TerrorLeelaEmily Shaw
The Fate of KrelosLeelaK9
Return to TelosLeelaK9, Jamie, Cybermen
Segment 178:
The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 1

The Third Doctor Adventures stars the Third Doctor, played by Tim Treloar, and Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning.

Prisoners of the Lake
Mike, Brigadier
The Havoc of Empires
Segment 179:
Misc: The Last Adventure

A very special release: The Last Adventure, the stories that reveal the events leading up to the Sixth Doctor’s regeneration.

The End of the Line
Constance, Charley, Flip, Jago, Litefoot, Mel, the Valeyard
The Red House
Stage Fright
The Brink of Death
Segment 180:
Monthly Adventures (NN)
(Fourth quarter of 2015)

Some Monthly Adventures, featuring the Sixth Doctor, and another featuring the Seventh.

Planet of the Rani6thConstance, the Rani
Shield of the Jötunn6thConstance
You are the Doctor and Other Stories7thAce
Segment 181:
Doom Coalition 1

Doom Coalition is another series of adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor and companions Liv and Helen.

The Eleven
Liv, Helen, the Eleven
The Red Lady
The Galileo Trap
The Satanic Mill
Segment 182:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 10
Spin-off (2015)

More tales of mystery.

The Case of the Missing Gasogene
Ellie, Quick
The Year of the Bat
The Mourning After
The Museum of Curiosities
Segment 183:
UNIT: Extinction
Spin-off (2015)

The new UNIT series focuses on the exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood.

In Extinction, UNIT confront an invasion by the Nestene Consciousness.

Kate, Osgood, Autons, Nestene Conciousness
Segment 184:
Short Trips: Series 5

In 2015, the Short Trips series changed to be monthly individual downloads. Here are all the Short Trips from 2015:

Flywheel Revolution1st
Little Doctors2ndJamie, Zoe
Time Tunnel3rdJo, Brigadier, Yates, Benton
The Ghost Trap4thLeela
The King of the Dead5thNyssa, Tegan
The Shadows of Serenity6thPeri
Dark Convoy7thAce
Foreshadowing8thCharley, Yates
Etheria1stVicki, Steven
The Way of the Empty Hand2ndJamie, Zoe
The Other Woman3rdJo, Brigadier
Black Dog4thLeela
Segment 185:
Novel Adaptions: Theatre of War, All-Consuming Fire
Theatre of War7thAce, Benny, Brax
All-Consuming Fire7thAce, Benny, Holmes, Watson
Segment 186:
The War Doctor: Only the Monstrous

The War Doctor series depicts the events of the Time War and the War Doctor’s role in them.

The Innocent
Ollistra, Daleks
The Thousand Worlds
The Heart of the Battle
Segment 187:
The Diary of River Song: Series 1
Spin-off (2015)

The Diary of River Song involves River Song teaming up with Classic era doctors. Series 1 features the Eighth Doctor.

The Boundless Sea
I Went to a Marvellous Party
The Rulers of the Universe
Segment 188:
Misc: Subscriber Short Trips, Jago & Litefoot & Strax, Audiobooks

First, three Subscriber Short Trips:

The Warren Legacy4thRomana I
The Toy5thNyssa, Tegan, Adric, the Master
The Caves of Erith8thLucie

Then a special release featuring Jago & Litefoot alongside Strax from the new series.

The Haunting (Jago & Litefoot & Strax)Ellie, Quick

And finally, the audiobooks for 2015:

Audiobooks (2015)

An anthology:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Time Lord Fairy Talesvariousvarious1 October 2015

A Past Doctors audiobook:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Drosten’s Curse4th DoctorClare Corbett16 July 2015

Some New Series Adventures:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Royal Blood12thClaraDavid Warner10 September 2015
Big Bang Generation12thBenny, Peter, Ruth, JackLisa Bowerman10 September 2015
Deep Time12thClaraDan Starkey10 September 2015


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 874 audio dramas and 118 audio books.

New Ranges in 2016:

Segment 189:
Monthly Adventures (OO)
(First quarter of 2016)

These releases feature the 5th Doctor.

The Waters of Amsterdam5thTegan, Nyssa
Aquitaine5thTegan, Nyssa
The Peterloo Massacre5thTegan, Nyssa
Segment 190:
The Early Adventures: Series 2

The second series of Early Adventures features the Second Doctor.

The Yes Men2ndBen, Polly, Jamie
The Foresaken2ndBen, Polly, Jamie
The Black Hole2ndJamie, Victoria
The Isos Network2ndJamie, Zoe, Cybermen
Segment 191:
The New Series: The Churchill Years: Volume One
Spin-off (2016)

A New Who spin-off series, starring the version of Winston Churchill established in the TV show.

This is the first segment in what I’m calling the “The New Series non-series releases” – it’s a category of releases that are firmly set in the 2005-onwards era of the show, but aren’t really part of long-term series – so this category includes The Churchill Years, and Classic Doctors, New Monsters; but it doesn’t include UNIT, River Song, or The Tenth Doctor releases.

They’re all bundled together so you can just use the previous in range/next in range buttons to navigate betwen them, without having to know about their names ahead of time.

The Oncoming Storm
9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors, Daleks
Living History
The Chartwell Metamorphosis
Segment 192:
Torchwood Monthly Range: Stories 1–6
Spin-off (2015–2016)

The first series to use Big Finish’s expanded license for new era content, Torchwood returns. Series 1 focuses on the Committee.

The ConspiracyJack
Fall to EarthIanto
Forgotten LivesGwen, Rhys, Jack
One RuleYvonne Hartman
Uncanny ValleyJack
More Than ThisGwen, Andy
Segment 193:
The War Doctor: Infernal Devices

The War Doctor’s tale continues…

Legion of the Lost
Ollistra, Daleks
A Thing of Guile
The Neverwhen
Segment 194:
Doom Coalition 2

Doom Coalition, featuring the Eighth Doctor, Liv, and Helen, continues…

Liv, Helen, River Song, the Eleven
Scenes From Her Life
The Gift
The Sonomancer
Segment 195:
Misc: Horror at Bletchington Station

A Subscriber Short Trip:

The Horror at Bletchington Station1stDodo
Segment 196:
Monthly Adventures (PP)
(Second quarter of 2016)

A few Monthly Adventures, featuring the Master:

And You Will Obey Me5thThe Master
Vampire of the Mind6thThe Master
The Two Masters7thThe Old Master, the New Master
Segment 197:
Novel Adaption: Nightshade

And now a novel adaption:

Segment 198:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 11
Spin-off (2016)

More tales of mystery.

Jago & Son
Ellie, Quick, the Master
The Woman in White
Segment 199:
The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume 1

David Tennant returns to the role of the Tenth doctor in this series of audio dramas.

Time ReaverDonna
Death and the QueenDonna
Segment 200:
Gallifrey VIII
Spin-off (2016)

The Gallifrey series returns for another story.

Enemy Lines
Segment 201:
Companion Chronicles: The Second Doctor: Volume One

The continuation of the Companion Chronicles after the end of the monthly releases, focusing on the second doctor.

The Mouthless Dead
2nd Doctor, Jamie, Polly, Ben, Victoria, Zoe
The Story of Extinction
The Integral
The Edge
Segment 202:
UNIT: Shutdown
Spin-off (2016)

The exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood continue.

Power Cell
Kate, Osgood
Death in Geneva
The Battle of the Tower
Ice Station Alpha
Segment 203:
Misc: The Monkey House

A Subscriber Short Trip:

The Monkey House5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough
Segment 204:
Monthly Adventures (QQ)
(Third quarter of 2016)

Some more Monthly Adventures:

A Life of Crime7thAce, Mel
Fiesta of the Damned7thAce, Mel
Maker of Demons7thAce, Mel
Segment 205:
The New Counter-Measures: Who Killed Toby Kinsella?
Spin-off (2016)

Who Killed Toby Kinsella? is a special feature-length release, forging a new era for Counter-Measures.

Who Killed Toby Kinsella
The Dead Don’t Rise
Segment 206:
The New Series: Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume One

An audio series, featuring (unsurprisingly) Doctors from the classic series, alongside aliens from the revived era.

Fallen Angels5thWeeping Angels
Judoon in Chains6thJudoon
Harvest of the Sycorax7thSycorax
The Sontaran Ordeal8thSontarans
Segment 207:
Torchwood Monthly Range: Stories 7–12
Spin-off (2016)

Torchwood returns for a second series, continuing the Committee arc.

The Victorian AgeJack, Queen Victoria
Zone 10Sato
Ghost MissionAndy, Norton Folgate
Moving TargetSuzie
BrokenJack, Ianto
Made You LookGwen, Rhys
Segment 208:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 5

The Fourth Doctor’s adventures continue, with Romana II.

Wave of DestructionRomana IIK9
The Labyrinth of Buda CastleRomana II
The Paradox PlanetRomana IIK9
Legacy of DeathRomana IIK9
Gallery of GhoulsRomana II
The Trouble with DraxRomana IIK9, Drax
The Pursuit of HistoryRomana IIK9
Casualties of TimeRomana IIK9
Segment 209:
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: The Unbound Universe
Spin-off (2016)

For this box set, Bernice joins a version of the doctor from a parallel universe (the one from Sympathy for the Devil in Unbound).

The Library in the Body
The Unbound Doctor, the Unbound Master
Planet X
The Very Dark Thing
The Emporium At The End
Segment 210:
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Part 2

The second story from Philip Hinchcliffe, featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

The Genesis Chamber
Segment 211:
Doom Coalition 3

Doom Coalition, featuring the Eighth Doctor, Liv, and Helen, continues…

Absent Friends
Liv, Helen, River Song
The Eighth Piece
The Doomsday Chronometer
The Crucible of Souls
Segment 212:
Misc: The Shrine of Sorrows

A Subscriber Short Trip:

The Shrine of Sorrows7thAce
Segment 213:
Monthly Adventures (RR)
(Fourth quarter of 2016)

The final few Monthly Adventures of 2016:

The Memory Bank and Other Stories5thTurlough
Order of the Daleks6thConstance, Daleks
Absolute Power6thConstance
Quicksilver6thConstance, Flip
Segment 214:
The War Doctor: Agents of Chaos

The War Doctor’s tale continues…

The Shadow Vortex
Ollistra, Daleks, Sontarans
The Eternity Cage
Eye of Harmony
Segment 215:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 12
Spin-off (2016)

More tales of mystery.

Picture This
Ellie, Quick
The Flickermen
School of Blood
Warm Blood
Segment 216:
The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 2

Two more adventures of the Third Doctor and Jo.

The Transcendence of Ephros
The Hidden Realm
Segment 217:
Torchwood: Specials
Spin-off (2016)

Two Torchwood specials were released in 2016

The Torchwood Archive:feat-tw-archive
OutbreakJack, Gwen, Ianto, Rhys, Andy
Segment 218:
UNIT: Silenced
Spin-off (2016)

The exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood continue, this time featuring the Silents.

House of Silents
Kate Osgood, Silents
Square One
Silent Majority
In Memory Alone
Segment 219:
The Early Adventures: Series 3

The third series of The Early Adventures features the First doctor again.

The Age of Endurance1stSusan, Barbara, Ian
The Fifth Traveller1stVicki, Barbara, Ian
The Ravelli Conspiracy1stVicki, Steven
The Sontarans1stSteven, Sara, Sontarans
Segment 220:
Novel Adaptions: Original Sin, Cold Fusion

The last two novel adaptions from Big Finish:

Original Sin7thBenny, Chris, Roz
Cold Fusion5th, 7thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan, Chris, Roz, Patience
Segment 221:
The New Counter-Measures: Series 1
Spin-off (2016)

After the special release Who Killed Toby Kinsella?, Big Finish created a series of stories for the New Counter-Measures.

Nothing to See Here
Troubled Waters
The Phoenix Strain
A Gamble With Time
Segment 222:
The Diary of River Song: Series 2
Spin-off (2016)

Series 2 of River Song’s adventures with classic doctors, featuring the Seventh and Sixth Doctors.

The Unknown
6th and 7th Doctors
Five Twenty-Nine
World Enough and Time
The Eye of the Storm
Segment 223:
Short Trips: Series 6
Gardens of the Dead5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Black Guardian
Prime Winnder6thPeri
Washington Burns7thAce
The Curse of the Fugue8thLucie
This Sporting Life1stSteven, Dodo
Lost and Found2ndBen, Polly
The Blame Game3rdLiz, the Monk
Damascus3rdJeremy Thorpe, Jo, UNIT
A Full Life4thAdric, Romana II, K9
The Man Who Wasn’t There8thCharley
The Hesitation Deviation7thBenny
Forever Fallen7thAce
Segment 224:
Misc: The Christmas Dimension, Collector’s Item, Audiobooks

And then, some Subscriber Short Trips:

The Christmas Dimension3rdLiz
Collector’s Item4thSarah Jane

And the audiobooks for 2016:

Audiobooks (2016)

A Past Doctors novel (strangely, featuring the 10th Doctor):

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
In the Blood10th Doctor, Donna, Wilf, Sylviatba12 May 2016

Some Original-to-Audio books:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead byRelease date
The Gods of Winter12thClaraClare Higgins20 August 2015
The House of Winter12thClaraDavid Schofield15 October 2015
The Sins of Winter12thClaraRobin Soans3 December 2015
The Memory of Winter12thClaraJemma Redgrave7 April 2016


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 1001 audio dramas and 123 audio books.

New Ranges in 2017:

Segment 225:
Monthly Adventures (SS)
(First quarter of 2017)
The Star Men5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
The Contingency Club5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
Zaltys5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
Segment 226:
Torchwood One: Before the Fall
Spin-off (2017)

Big Finish starts another Torchwood series, focusing on Torchwood One before the Battle of Canary Wharf (featured in the TV episode Doomsday).

New Girl
Yvonne, Ianto
Through the Ruins
Segment 227:
Graceless IV
Spin-off (2017)

Abby and Zara return for a fourth (and final, as of writing) series.

The Bomb
Abby, Zara
The Room
The Ward
The Dance
Segment 228:
The War Doctor: Casualties of War

The final anthology centered around The War Doctor. It was released only a month after John Hurt’s passing.

Pretty Lies
Ollistra, Leela, Daleks
The Lady of Obsidian
The Enigma Dimension
Segment 229:
Doom Coalition 4

Doom Coalition, featuring the Eighth Doctor, Liv, and Helen, concludes.

Ship in a Bottle
Liv, Helen, Ollistra, the Monk, Weeping Angels
Songs of Love
The Side of the Angels
Stop the Clock
Segment 230:
Charlotte Pollard: Series 2
Spin-off (2017)

Charlotte Pollard’s adventures continue… (as of writing, this is the last series of Charlotte Pollard).

Embankment Station
Robert, Viyrans
Seed of Chaos
The Destructive Quality of Life
Segment 231:
Monthly Adventures (TT)
(Second quarter of 2017)

Each release in this quarter is two 2-part adventures.

Alien Heart/Dalek Soul5thNyssa, Daleks
Vortex Ice/Cortex Fire6thFlip
Shadow Planet/World Apart6thFlip
Segment 232:
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Part 3

The third and final story from Philip Hinchcliffe, featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

The Helm of Awe
Segment 233:
Jago & Litefoot: Series 13
Spin-off (2017)

The final series of Jago & Litefoot, before Trevor Baxter (the actor for Litefoot) passed away.

The Stuff of Nightmares
Ellie, Quick
Chapel of Night
How the Other Half Lives
Too Much Reality
Segment 234:
The New Series: The Ninth Doctor Chronicles

Big Finish produced an audio anthology, featuring Nicholas Briggs as both Narrator and as the voice of the Ninth Doctor.

The Bleeding Heart
Rose, Adam, Jackie Tyler
The Window on the Moor
The Other Side
Retail Therapy
Segment 235:
UNIT: Assembled
Spin-off (2017)

The exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood continue, featuring the Silurians.

Call to Arms
Kate, Osgood, Benton, Mike Yates, Jo Jones, Silurians
Tidal Wave
Segment 236:
The New Series: The Lives of Captain Jack
Spin-off (2017)

Another spin off series from Big Finish, featuring Jack Harkness’ adventures outside of Torchwood. A second volume was released in 2019.

The Year After I Died
Wednesdays for Beginners
One Enchanted Evening
Month 25
Segment 237:
Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor: Volume Two

The First Doctor’s stories continue.

Fields of Terror
1st Doctor, Vicki, Steven, Polly, Ben, Daleks
Across the Darkened City
The Bonfires of the Vanities
The Plague of Dreams
Segment 238:
Misc: The Horror of Hy-Brasil, Audiobooks

A Subscriber Short Trip:

The Horror of Hy-Brasil2ndJamie, Zoe

For logistical reasons, I’ve moved the audiobook releases for 2017 to here (6 months early):

Audiobooks (2017)

Some New Series Adventures:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Shining Man12thBilltba20 April 2017
Diamond Dogs12thBilltba20 April 2017
Plague City12thBill, Nardoletba20 April 2017

Some Original-to-Audio books:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead byRelease Date
The Lost Angel12thAlex, Brandon, Weeping AngelKerry Shale4 January 2017
The Lost Planet12thAlex, BrandonNicol Bryant2 March 2017
The Lost Magic12thAlex, BrandonDan Starkey4 May 2017
The Lost Flame12thAlex, Brandon, OhilaClare Higgins6 July 2017
Death Among the Stars12thNicola Bryant7 September 2017
Rhythm of Destruction12thDan Starkey2 November 2017

Segment 239:
Monthly Adventures (UU)
(Third quarter of 2017)

A few Monthly Adventures:

The High Price of Parking7thAce, Mel
The Blood Furnace7thAce, Mel
The Silurian Candidate7thAce, Mel, Silurians
Time in Office5thTegan, Leela, Time Lords
Segment 240:
The New Series: Classic Doctors, New Monsters: Volume Two
Night of the Vashta Nerada4thVashta Nerada
Empire of the Racnoss5thRacnoss
The Carrionite Curse6thCarrionite
Day of the Vashta Nerada8thVashta Nerada
Segment 241:
The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 3

Two more adventures of the Third Doctor and Jo.

The Conquest of Far
Jo, Daleks
Storm of the Horofax
Segment 242:
Torchwood Monthly Range: Stories 13–18
Spin-off (2017)

This next series of stories was never marketed as “Series 3” and instead is bundled as “stories 13–18”. They did this because shortly afterwards they would start writing a continuation of the TV show, and wanted to reduce confusion.

Unlike the previous series, which focused on the Committee, this series has no overall arc.

Visiting HoursRhys
The Dollhouse
Corpse DayOwen, Andy
The Office of Never WasIanto
The Dying Room
Segment 243:
Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1
Spin-off (2017)

Important Note: This is not the same series as the previous segment – the Monthly releases are set randomly during the TV show’s continuity (much like the Monthly Adventures is for Doctor Who), whereas Aliens Among Us is set after the TV show.

Big Finish began releasing a series of Torchwood adventures in box sets, set after the events of the TV series and previous Big Finish audio stories set after the Miracle Day. It’s sometimes advertised as Series 5 of Torchwood.

Changes Everything
Jack, Gwen, Tyler, Orr
Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
Superiority Complex
Segment 244:
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: Ruler of the Universe
Spin-off (2017)

Bernice’s Adventures in the Unbound Universe continue.

Short Stories: True Stories
The Unbound Doctor, The Unbound Master
The City and the Clock
Asking for a Friend
The True Saviour of the Universe
Segment 245:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 6

The Fourth Doctor’s adventures continue, with Romana II.

The Beast of KravenosRomana IIK9, Jago, Litefoot
The Eternal BattleRomana IIK9, Sontarans
The Silent ScreamRomana IIK9
DethrasRomana II
The Haunting of Malkin PlaceRomana II
SubterraneaRomana II
The Movellan GraveRomana IIMovellans
The Skin of the SleekRomana II
The Thief Who Stole TimeRomana II
Segment 246:
Monthly Adventures (VV)
(Fourth quarter of 2017)

The final Monthly Adventures of 2017.

The Behemoth6thConstance, Flip
The Middle6thConstance, Flip
Static6thConstance, Flip
Segment 247:
Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 2
Spin-off (2017)

The second box set of Aliens Among Us.

Love Rat
Jack, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, Tyler, Orr
A Kill to a View
Zero Hour
The Empty Hand
Segment 248:
The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 1

A prequel to The War Doctor, this series features the Eighth Doctor and companion Bliss.

The Starship of Theseus
Bliss, Ollistra, Daleks
Echoes of War
The Conscript
One Life
Segment 249:
The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume 2

Three more stories featuring the Tenth Doctor, this time with Rose as his companion.

Infamy of the ZarossRose, Jackie
The Sword of the ChevalierRose
Cold VengeanceRose, Ice Warriors
Segment 250:
UNIT: Encounters
Spin-off (2017)

The exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood continue.

The Dalek Transaction
Kate, Osgood, Daleks, Sontarans
The Sontaran Project
False Negative
Segment 251:
The New Counter-Measures: Series 2
Spin-off (2017)
The Splintered Man
The Ship of Sleepwalkers
My Enemy’s Enemy
Time of the Intelligence
Segment 252:
Short Trips: Series 7
The World Beyond the Trees8thLiv, Molly
Gardener’s Worlds3rdJo, Yates
The Jago & Litefoot Revival10th, 11thJago, Litefoot, Ellie
Falling1stBen, PollyYes
How to Win Planets and Influence People4thThe Monk, Sarah Jane, Harry
The British Invasion2ndJamie, Zoe
A Heart on Both Sides8thNyssa
All Hands on Deck8thSusan
The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
O Tannenbaum1stSteven
Segment 253:
The War Master: Only the Good
Spin-off (2017)

The War Master stars the Master, played by Derek Jacobi.

Beneath the Viscoid
Daleks, Cole
The Good Master
The Sky Man
The Heavenly Paradigm
Segment 254:
The Early Adventures: Series 4

The fourth series of The Early Adventures features the Second Doctor again.

The Night Witches2ndBen, Polly, Jamie
The Outliers2ndBen, Polly, Jamie
The Morton Legacy2ndBen, Polly, Jamie
The Wreck of the World2ndJamie, Zoe
Segment 255:
The First Doctor Adventures: Volume One

Big Finish productions created another series starring the first Doctor. Using the cast of An Adventure in Space and Time, they began producing full-cast adventures with the Doctor and the original set of companions. This series also introduces a new incarnation of the Master, played by James Dreyfus.

The Destination Wars
Susan, Ian, Barbara, the Master
The Great White Hurricane


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 1124 audio dramas and 132 audio books.

New Ranges in 2018:

Segment 256:
Monthly Adventures (WW)
(First quarter of 2018)

The first few stories of 2018.

Kingdom of Lies5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
Ghost Walk5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
Serpent in the Silver Mask5thAdric, Nyssa, Tegan
Segment 257:
The Diary of River Song: Series 3
Spin-off (2018)

Series 3 of River Song’s adventures with classic doctors, featuring the Fifth Doctor.

The Lady in the Lake
5th Doctor, Madame Kovarian
A Requiem for the Doctor
My Dinner with Andrew
The Furies
Segment 258:
Gallifrey: Time War: Volume One
Spin-off (2018)

The Gallifrey series returns for stories set during the Time War…

Celestial Intervention
Soldier Obscura
The Devil You Know
Desperate Measures
Segment 259:
The New Series: The Churchill Years: Volume Two
Spin-off (2018)

The second volume of stories centering around Churchill.

Young Winston
9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor, Vastra
Human Conflict
I Was Churchill’s Double
Churchill Victorious
Segment 260:
Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 3
Spin-off (2017)

The final box set of Aliens Among Us.

Poker Face
Jack, Gwen, Rhys, Andy, Tyler, Orr
Escape Room
Herald of the Dawn
Segment 261:
The New Series: Tales from New Earth
Spin-off (2018)

This box set focused around New Earth (as shown in the TV episodes New Earth and Gridlock).

Escape from New New York
Devon, Hame, 10th Doctor
Death in the New Forest
The Skies of New Earth
The Cats of New Cairo
Segment 262:
The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 4

Two more adventures of the Third Doctor and Jo.

The Rise of the New Humans
The Monk, Cybermen
The Tyrants of Logic
Segment 263:
Monthly Adventures (XX)
(Second quarter of 2018)

This segment goes one month further than usual - this is because the first and last stories are somewhat related, so we’ve extended this “quarter” to preserve the relation between them.

The Helliax Rift5thDaniel Hopkins, UNIT
The Lure of the Nomad6th
Iron Bright6th
Hour of the Cybermen6thDaniel Hopkins, UNIT, Cybermen
Segment 264:
Ravenous 1

Another series of Eighth Doctor adventures, following on from the events of Doom Coalition.

Their Finest Hour
Liv, Helen, the Eleven, Churchill
How to Make a Killing in Time Travel
World of Damnation
Sweet Salvation
Segment 265:
Torchwood: Special
Spin-off (2018)

One Torchwood special was released in 2018.

BelieveJack, Gwen, Ianto, Tosh, Owen
Segment 266:
The New Series: The Tenth Doctor Chronicles

Featuring Jacob Dudman as both Narrator and as the voice of the Tenth Doctor.

The Taste of Death
Rose, Martha, Sylvia Noble, Lady Christina de Souza
Wild Pastures
Last Chance
Segment 267:
Jago & Litefoot Forever
Spin-off (2018)

The end of the Jago & Litefoot series. Litefoot’s lines were taken from archive recordings.

Jago & Litefoot Forever
Segment 268:
UNIT: Cyber-Reality
Spin-off (2018)

The exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood continue. This series focuses on technology and cybermen.

Game Theory
Kate, Osgood, Cybermen, the Master
Code Silver
Master of Worlds
Segment 269:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 7

The Fourth Doctor’s adventures continue, with Leela.

The Sons of KaldorLeelaKaldor robots
The Crowmarsh ExperimentLeela
The Mind Runners/The Demon RisesLeelaK9 Mark I
The Shadow of LondonLeela
The Bad PennyLeela
Kill The Doctor/The Age of SutekhLeelaSutekh
Segment 270:
The New Series: Jenny - The Doctor’s Daughter
Spin-off (2018)

A series focusing on the exploits of Jenny after the events of the TV episode The Doctor’s Daughter.

Stolen Goods
Jenny, Noah, Ood
Prisoner of the Ood
Neon Reign
Zero Space
Segment 271:
Companion Chronicles: The Second Doctor: Volume Two

The second volume of Second Doctor stories.

The Curator’s Egg
Ben, Polly, Jamie, Victoria
Dumb Waiter
The Iron Maid
The Tactics of Defeat
Segment 272:
Torchwood One: Machines
Spin-off (2018)

The tales of Torchwood One continue.

The Law Machines
Yvonne, Ianto
Through the Ruins
Segment 273:
The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 2

The continuation of the Eighth Doctor’s time in the Time War

The Lords of Terror
Bliss, Daleks, Ollistra
Planet of the Ogrons
In the Garden of Death
Segment 274:
The First Doctor Adventures: Volume Two

The second volume of adventures using the cast of An Adventure in Space and Time.

The Invention of Death
Susan, Ian, Barbara
The Barbarians and the Samurai
Segment 275:
Monthly Adventures (YY)
(Third quarter of 2018)

As mentioned above, this is one month offset from the actual third quarter of 2018, because these stories are all related.

Red Planets7thAce, Mel
The Dispossessed7thAce, Mel
The Quantum Possibility Engine7thAce, Mel
Segment 276:
The New Series: Lady Christina: Series 1
Spin-off (2018)

The tales of thief Lady Christina de Souza, the character introduced in the TV episode Planet of the Dead.

It Takes a Thief
Skin Deep
Portrait of a Lady
Death on the Mile
Segment 277:
Torchwood Monthly Range: Stories 19–24
Spin-off (2018)
The Death of Captain JackJack, John Hart, Gwen, Ianto, Rhys, Andy, Norton Folgate, Queen Victoria
The Last BeaconOwen, Ianto
We Always Get Out AliveGwen, Rhys
Goodbye PicadillyAndy, Norton Folgate
Instant KarmaSato
Deadbeat EscapeBilis Manger
Segment 278:
The New Series: Class: The Audio Adventures
Spin-off (2018)

This was a series of audio stories centred around the TV show Class (a Doctor Who spin-off). The license for the show was acquired before its cancellation, so the audio dramas can’t develop the cliffhanger at the end of season 1 of the show, so instead they all take place during the show’s first (and only) season.

Life Experience
Tell Me You Love Me
Everybody Loves Reagan
Now You Know…
In Remembrance
Segment 279:
The New Series: The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles

Featuring Jacob Dudman as both Narrator and as the voice of the Eleventh Doctor.

The Calendar Man
Amy, Kazran, Dorium, Clara, Jane Austen
The Top of the Tree
The Light Keepers
False Coronets
Segment 280:
The Diary of River Song: Series 4
Spin-off (2018)

Series 4 of River Song’s adventures with classic doctors, featuring the Fourth Doctor.

Time in a Bottle
4th Doctor
Kings of Infinite Space
Someone I Once Knew
Segment 281:
Ravenous 2

The Eighth Doctor storyline Ravenous continues…

Escape from Kaldor
Liv, Helen, the Eleven
Better Watch Out
Fairytale of Salzburg
Segment 282:
Torchwood: God Among Us 1
Spin-off (2018)

The first box set of God Among Us, which follows after the events of Aliens Among Us. (God Among Us is also known as Series 6 of Torchwood).

Future Pain
The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood
See No Evil
Night Watch
Segment 283:
Monthly Adventures (ZZ)
(Fourth quarter of 2018)

The last Monthly Adventures from 2018:

Warlock’s Cross7thElizabeth Klein, Daniel Hopkins, UNIT
Muse of Fire7thAce, Hex, Iris, Panda
The Hunting Ground6th
Segment 284:
The Seventh Doctor: The New Adventures: Volume One

This series is a continuation of the New Adventures novels, featuring the companions Roz and Chris.

The Trial of a Time Machine
Roz, Chris
The Jabari Countdown
The Dread of Night
Segment 285:
UNIT: Revisitations
Spin-off (2018)

The exploits of UNIT under the command of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood continue.

Hosts of the Wirrn
Breach of Trust
Open the Box
Segment 286:
Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far, and Treasury
Spin-off (2018)

First, the two volumes of The Story So Far, summarising the different eras of Bernice’s life:

Ever After Happy
The Grel Invasion of EarthJason
Braxiatel in LoveBrax
Every Dark ThoughtThe Valeyard
Empress of the DrahvinsRuth
The Angel of HistoryThe Doctor
Short Stories: In TimeVarious

And then, Treasury, an anthology of previously published short stories in the Bernice Summerfield series:

The Evacuation of Bernice Summerfield
And Then Again
Misplaced Spring
Solar Max and the Seven-Handed Snake-Mother
Walking Bcakwards for Christmas
The Least Important Man
Bernice Summerfield and the Library of Books
A Mutual Friend
Segment 287:
Short Trips: Series 8
The Authentic Experience6thPeri
The Turn of the Screw8thCharlie Sato, Ruth Matheson
Erasure4thAdric, Narvin
Trap For Fools5thTurlough
The Siege of Big BenMeta-crisis 10th DoctorJackie
The Darkened Earth6thConstance
Flight Into Hull!Meta-crisis 10th DoctorJackie
A Small Semblance of Home1stIan, Barbara, Susan
I Am The Master4thThe Master
The Mistpuddle Murders5thNyssa, Tegan
The Devil’s Footprints7thMel
The Last Day at Work2ndJamie
Segment 288:
The Early Adventures: Series 5

The fifth series of The Early Adventures features the First doctor again.

The Dalek Occupation of Winter1stSteven, Vicki, Daleks
An Ideal World1stSteven, Vicki
Entanglement1stSteven, Vicki
The Crash of the UK-2011stSteven, Vicki
Segment 289:
The War Master: The Master of Callous
Spin-off (2018)

The War Master series continues…

Call for the Dead
The Glittering Prize
The Persistence of Dreams
Sins of the Father
Segment 290:
Misc: Subscriber Short Trips, Audiobooks

A few Subscriber Short Trips. Two of these are from 2017, but moved here for logistical reasons.

The Night Before Christmas7th
Mission Improbable6thEvelyn
Taken for Granted3rdJo
The Smallest Battle4thLeela

And then the Audiobooks for 2018:

Audiobooks (2018)

First, some Narrated Stories:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Thing from the Sea4thFenella WibbseySusan Jameson1 March 2018
Men of War1stSteven, SaraPeter Purves3 May 2018
Horrors of War3rdJoKaty Manning5 July 2018
Fortunes of War6thColin Baker6 September 2018

Then, a novelisation:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen4thRomana II, K9 IIDan Starkey18 January 2018

And finally, some New Series Adventures novels featuring the Thirteenth Doctor:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Good Doctor13thRyan, Yaz, GrahamClare Corbett25 October 2018
Molten Heart13thRyan, Yaz, GrahamDan Starkey8 November 2018
Combat Magicks13thRyan, Yaz, GrahamMandip Gill22 November 2018


If you’ve listened to everything up to this point, you’ve listened to 1277 audio dramas and 140 audio books.

New Ranges in 2019:

Segment 291:
Monthly Adventures (AAA)
(First Quarter of 2019)

The first quarter of Monthly Adventures from 2019 featured the reintroduction of Kamelion!

Devil in the Mist5thTurlough, Tegan, Kamelion
Black Thursday / Power Game5thTurlough, Tegan, Kamelion
The Kamelion Empire5thTurlough, Tegan, Kamelion
Segment 292:
The New Counter-Measures: The Hollow King
Spin-off (2019)

At the time of relesae, this appeared to be the final story for The New Counter-Measures, but fortunately the series continued!

The Legacy of Time features an episode with the Counter Measure’s team, so go check that out once you’re done with this.

The Hollow King
Segment 293:
The Diary of River Song: Series 5
Spin-off (2019)

Series 5 of The Diary of River Song features several incarnations of the Master.

The Bekdel Test
Missy, Beevers Master, Roberts Master, Jacobi Master
Animal Instinct
The Lifeboat and the Deathboat
Concealed Weapon
Segment 294:
The First Doctor Adventures: Volume 3
The Phoenicians
Susan, Ian, Barbara
Tick-Tock World
Segment 295:
The New Series: Missy
Spin-off (2019)

A series of adventures starring Michelle Gomez as Missy.

A Spoonful of Mayhem
The Monk
Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated
The Broken Clock
The Belly of the Beast
Segment 296:
Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 8

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 8 features a brand new companion, WPC Ann Kelso. This series brings in two changes for the Fourth Doctor Adventures: firstly, the whole series has an overarching storyline. Secondly, it was released as two boxsets, instead of as individual episodes.

The Sinestran Kill
K9, Drashigs, Ada Lovelace
Planet of the Drashigs
The Enchantress of Numbers
The False Guardian
Time’s Assassin
Fever Island
The Perfect Prisoners
Segment 297:
Torchwood: God Among Us 2
Spin-off (2019)

Part 2 of God Among Us.

Flight 405
Yvonne, Andy, Norton, Tyler, Jack
Hostile Environment
Another Man’s Shoes
Eye of the Storm
Segment 298:
The New Series: The Eighth of March
Spin-off (2019)

A Special release for International Women’s Day, the stories in this release are written and directed by women; and centered around the women in the Doctor Who Universe.

The story Inside Every Warrior features the Paternoster Gang, who got their own series a few months later.

River, Leela, Benny, Ace, Vastra, Jenny, Strax, Kate, Osgood
The Big Blue Book
Inside Every Warrior
Segment 299:
The Comic Strip Adaptions: Volume 1

A Fourth Doctor series adapted from the 70s and 80s. Much wackier than your typical Doctor Who.

Doctor Who and the Iron Legion
Sharon, K9, Beep the Meep
Doctor Who and the Star Beast
Segment 300:
Gallifrey: Time War: Volume Two
Spin-off (2019)

The Gallifrey series returns for a second series of stories set during the Time War, focusing on the consequences of the resurrection of Rassilon

Segment 301:
Ravenous 3

The Eighth Doctor’s plight with the Ravenous continues…

Deeptime Frontier
Liv, Helen, the Eleven, the Nine, River, Bliss, Charley
Companion Piece
The Odds Against
Segment 302:
Monthly Adventures (BBB)
(Second Quarter of 2019)

The second quarter of Monthly Adventures from 2019 brings back Mags, the werewolf from the psychic circus in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

The Monsters of Gokroth7thMags
The Moons of Vulpana7thMags
An Alien Werewolf in London7thMags, Ace
Segment 303:
UNIT: Incursions
Spin-off (2019)

The continued exploits of UNIT under Kate Stewart and Osgood. The last story in this boxset features River Song… as an antagonist!

The first story in the box set is a direct sequel to the December 2017 Monthly Adventure, Static.

This Sleep of Death
The Static, River Song
The Power of River Song
Segment 304:
The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume 5

This boxset sees the return of the Brigadier and Liz Shaw to the Third Doctor Adventures.

Jo, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier, Sergeant Benton
The Scream of Ghosts
Segment 305:
The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume 3

The Tenth Doctor and Donna return for three more adventures. And this time, they’re taking the family with them…

No PlaceDonna, Wilf, Sylvia
One Mile DownDonna
The Creeping DeathDonna
Segment 306:
The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 1
Spin-off (2019)

Victorian London harbours many secrets: alien visitors, strange phenomena and unearthly powers. But a trio of investigators stands ready to delve into such mysteries – the Great Detective, Madame Vastra, her resourceful spouse, Jenny Flint, and their loyal valet, Strax.

The Paternoster Gang were prominent characters in the TV stories The Snowmen, The Crimson Horror, and Deep Breath; and now they have their own spin off series!

The Cars that Ate London!
Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, Strax
A Photograph to Remember
The Ghosts of Greenwhich
Segment 307:
The New Series: The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume 2
Spin-off (2019)

The omnisexual Time Agent is back…

Piece of Mind
Captain Jack, 6th Doctor
What Have I Done?
Driving Miss Wells
Segment 308:
Torchwood: God Among Us 3
Spin-off (2019)

The final adventures in the God Among Us series…

A Mother’s Son
Captain Jack, Yvonne, Tyler, Orr
Day Zero
Thoughts and Prayers
Segment 309:
The War Master: Rage of the Time Lords
Spin-off (2019)

With all of space and time in chaos, the Master plots his most audacious project yet. Only one other Time Lord has ever been able to stop him. But where is that Time Lord when the universe needs him?

The Survivor
The 8th Doctor
The Coney Island Chameleon
The Missing Link
Darkness and Light
Segment 310:
Monthly Adventures (CCC)
(Third Quarter of 2019)

This set of Monthly Adventures features the 6th Doctor and Peri, a TARDIS team we haven’t seen for a while.

Memories of a Tyrant6thPeri
Emissary of the Daleks6thPeri, Daleks
Harry Houdini’s War6thPeri, Houdini
Segment 311:
The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 3

The Doctor keeps to the fringes of the Time War, but his friends and enemies are drawing him ever close to his destiny…

State of Bliss
Bliss, Daleks, Time Lords, the Valeyard
The Famished Lands
Fugitive in Time
The War Valeyard
Segment 312:
Torchwood Monthly Range: Stories 25–30
Spin-off (2018)

The first four of these dramas feature Torchwood encountering monsters from Doctor Who.

Night of the FendahlGwen, the Fendahl
The Green LifeJack, Jo Jones
SyncSuzie, Margaret Blaine
SargassoRhys, the Autons
SerenityJack, Ianto
The HopeOwen, Andy
Segment 313:
The Diary of River Song: Series 6
Spin-off (2019)

This series is focused around River Song slipping in at the fringes of stories with the Doctor, and dealing with problems on the sidelines.

An Unearthly Woman
Ian, Barbara, Susan, the Yeti, the Great Intelligence, Drashigs, Jago
The Web of Time
The Talents of Greel
Segment 314:
The New Series: Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon
Spin-off (2019)

Rose Tyler’s World is ending, so she travels across dimensions in search of the Doctor…

(This set of adventures is set between Rose getting stuck in an alternate universe in Series 2 of Doctor Who, and when she manages to break through into our universe in Series 4 of Doctor Who.)

The Endless Night
Rose Tyler, Jackie, Pete
The Flood
Ghost Machines
The Last Party on Earth
Segment 315:
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 5: Buried Memories
Spin-off (2019)

Bernice Summerfield is back in four new adventures with a Time Lord you could bring home to meet your universe.

Pride of the Lampian
The Unbound Doctor
Clear History
Dead and Breakfast
Burrowed Time
Segment 316:
Misc: The Legacy of Time

An epic six-part adventure celebrating 20 years of Doctor Who at Big Finish!

Lies in Ruins
3rd–8th Doctor, Benny, River Song, the Counter-Measures team, Ace, UNIT, Kate Stewart, Jo Jones, Osgood, Jenny (the Doctor’s Daughter), the Nine, DI Patricia Menzies, Charley, Romana, Leela
The Split Infinitive
The Sacrifice of Jo Grant
Relative Time
The Avenues of Possibility
Collision Course

The Flux

Everything after this point is in flux – I will be attempting to add every 2019 release as it comes out under here, and then once I know which segment to put them in, I’ll add them to the main list.

Further Adventures of Lucie MillerLucie Miller10th Julytba
TartarusMonthly Adventures17th Septembertba
The Companion Chronicles: 1D V3Companion Chronicles18th Septembertba
The VigilTorchwood Monthly24th Septembertba
Torchwood One - Latter DaysTorchwood One25th Septembertba

(The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller is included here because it makes more sense to be in the guide after Ravenous 4, despite its release date putting it between Ravenous 3 and Ravenous 4. I’ll be putting it just before the appropriate misc segment for that quarter of the year.)

Audiobooks and short trips are in their own table, since they only get added to the guide at the end of the year:

ScratchmanAudiobooks24th Januarytba
The RevisionistsShort Trips31st Januarytba
The Elysian BladeAudiobooks7th February 2019tba
The Astrea ConspiracyShort Trips28th Februarytba
Loud and ProudSubscriber STs25th Marchtba
Doctors and DragonsShort Trips27th Marchtba
The Winged CovenAudiobooks4th Apriltba
Year of the Drex OlympicsShort Trips16th Apriltba
Under ODIN’s EyeShort Trips30th Maytba
Still LifeSubscriber STs19th Junetba
The Same FaceShort Trips27th Junetba
Battle ScarsShort Trips31st Julytba
#HarrySullivanShort Trips29th Augusttba
An Ocean of SawdustSubscriber STs17th Septembertba
Dead MediaShort Trips30th Septembertba

The End… for now

Segment Potential Cost Spent Spent so far Segment Length Length so far
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Pocket 2 ? 0 0 2h 17m 10h 17m
MR A 3 $32 0 0 24h 29m 34h 46m
IScream 4 ? 0 0 0h 57m 35h 43m
Benny 1 5 $48.15 48.15 48.15 10h 21m 46h 04m
Rani 6 ? 0 48.15 4h 16m 50h 20m
MR B 7 $19 0 48.15 14h 30m 64h 50m
Wirrn 8 ? 0 48.15 1h 30m 66h 20m
MR C 9 $22 tba tba 15h 10m 81h 30m
Benny 2 10
Dalek 1 11
MR D 12
Krynoid 13
Benny 3 14
Minds 15
MR E 16
SJS 1 17
MR F 18
Dalek 2 19
MR G 20