Tall trees surround you, leaves coloured in blues and purples, strange fruits growing on their branches. The forest’s floor is covered in a thick layer of soft grey fungus. You notice a figure resting against a tree in the distance.

You appoach carefully. The outfit they are wearing is strange, colourful, frilly and feminine… and yet still somehow androgynous. You guess that the traveller is nonbinary, and that you should use gender neutral (they/them) pronouns to refer to them. Their face is covered by their tricorn hat, and they appear to be asleep. Thin strands of mycelium have begun to grow up their clothing, and you are just beginning to wonder how long they’ve been here when they spring to life, jump up, and introduce themselves as Avery, the caretaker of this forest.

They travelled here from the antipodes they explain as they brush the mycelium off their skirt, and have in their many journeys encountered:

and over their journeys they became a teller of stories.


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