I love conlangs. They’re currently one of my favourite hobbies, and I’m slowly getting better and better at making them.

What is a conlang?

A Conlang, Constructed Language, or Invented Langauge is a language which is devised intentionally, rather than developing naturally. Some conlangs are “auxilliary languages” (invented to ease communication between people with different backgrounds) but the conlangs I make are “artlangs”, languages that exist merely for the art of having them.

I have constructed many languages over the past few years, but most of them were sketches that I kept private. In 2017, I started to make my conlanging public, and have published details on 3 languages:

My latest conlang. It features tones, vowel harmony, and evidential marking, as well as a phonetic inventory that does not match easily onto English at all.
dwi~ has no page (at the moment), as it was abandoned shortly after its invention. I came up with the writing system first – the speakers are part of a country that mysteriously appears in isolated parts of Europe, and then disappears again, so its writing system was patched together from fading memories of runes, the latin script, and Cyrillic.
My “first” conlang, spoken by amphibious lizards on a habitable moon. Highly polysynthetic and non-configurational. It includes a lot of experiments with morphemes and structure (although nothing too weird - it’s all stuff that exists in real world languages, with the exception of the circumclitic)

Some notes: