Dapiica: Possession and Copula

Posted on July 7, 2017
Tags: dapiica

Two new sections in the Dapiica page:

As I mention on the page, the circumclitic is unique to dapiica. I don’t provide any proof that it is a circumclitic on the actual page, however, so I decided to do it here.

In order for it to be a circumfix, the prefix part must be present if the suffix is present, and visa versa. This is fairly trivial:

Every instance has both - if we made a list of every word w which could be in the sentence “There is/There are w”, we would translate that as ‘ŋii(ʔ)w(ʔ)oba’. So, in the case of a single word, we can see that it behaves like a circumfix.

In order for a morpheme with the form of an affix to be a clitic, it must syntactically behave like a word. This can be shown with the first example on the page:

We see that the second half of the morpheme has moved to a different part of the sentence, thus it behaves like a word.


If you spot any mistakes anywhere, or if an explanation isn’t clear, please let me know! My email address can be found on the about page. I’m looking into adding a comment system of some kind, so that people can respond without having to go to the effort of writing an email, but that will take a while.