New Ranges in 2007:

Segment 50:
Monthly Adventures (O)
(First half of 2007)

First is Circular Time, an anthology of 4 stories, and then the remaining Monthly Adventures releases up to June (which includes a number of double story releases, where one story is 3 episodes and the other is 1 episode).

Circular Time (anthology)5thNyssa, Kamelion
Nocturne7thAce, Hex
Renaissance of the Daleks5thNyssa, Daleks
I.D.; Urgent Calls6th
Exotron; Urban Myths5thPeri
Story Doctor Featuring
Circular Time (anthology) 5th Nyssa, Kamelion
Nocturne 7th Ace, Hex
Renaissance of the Daleks 5th Nyssa, Daleks
I.D.; Urgent Calls 6th
Exotron; Urban Myths 5th Peri
Valhalla 7th
Segment 51:
Companion Chronicles (Series 1)

The Companion Chronicles is a unique series – it aims to tell stories using the companions of the first 4 doctors. It also usually only used two actors per story, meaning that the stories are often halfway between an audiobook and a full cast drama.

The first series was released as an anthology.

Frostfire1stVicki, Steven
Fear of the Daleks2ndZoe, Jamie, Daleks
The Blue Tooth3rdLiz, Brigadier, Yates, Benton, Cybermen
The Beautiful People4thRomana II, K9
Story Doctor Featuring
Frostfire 1st Vicki, Steven
Fear of the Daleks 2nd Zoe, Jamie, Daleks
The Blue Tooth 3rd Liz, Brigadier, Yates, Benton, Cybermen
The Beautiful People 4th Romana II, K9
Segment 52:
Monthly Adventures (P)
(Second half of 2007)

This segment includes 100, another anthology of 4 stories, and then the remaining Monthly Adventures releases for 2007:

The Wishing Beast; The Vanity Box6thMel
Frozen Time7thIce Warriors
Son of the Dragon5thPeri, Erimem
100 (anthology)6thEvelyn
Absolution8thCharley, C’rizz
The Mind’s Eye; Mission of the Viyrans5thPeri, Erimem, Viryans
The Girl Who Never Was8thCharley, Cybermen
Story Doctor Featuring
The Wishing Beast; The Vanity Box 6th Mel
Frozen Time 7th Ice Warriors
Son of the Dragon 5th Peri, Erimem
100 (anthology) 6th Evelyn
Absolution 8th Charley, C’rizz
The Mind’s Eye; Mission of the Viyrans 5th Peri, Erimem, Viryans
The Girl Who Never Was 8th Charley, Cybermen
Segment 53:
Eighth Doctor Adventures (Series 1)

At last – a series just for the Eighth Doctor! This forms a rather long storyline involving the Eighth Doctor, which slowly takes him down a darker path…

Blood of the DaleksLucie, Daleks
Horror of Glam RockLucie, Pat
Immortal BelovedLucie
No More LiesLucie
Human ResourcesLucie, Cybermen, the Headhunter, Karen, Straxus
Story Featuring
Blood of the Daleks Lucie, Daleks
Horror of Glam Rock Lucie, Pat
Immortal Beloved Lucie
Phobos Lucie
No More Lies Lucie
Human Resources Lucie, Cybermen, the Headhunter, Karen, Straxus
Segment 54:
Misc: Return to the Web Planet, Audiobooks

First, a bonus release:

Return to the Web Planet5thNyssa, Zarbie, Menoptra
Story Doctor Featuring
Return to the Web Planet 5th Nyssa, Zarbie, Menoptra

Audiobooks (2007)

Next, some audiobooks featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha:

StoryDoctorFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
Sting of the Zygons10thMartha, ZygonsReggie Yates19 April 2007
The Last Dodo10thMarthaFreema Agyeman19 April 2007
Wooden Heart10thMarthaAdjoa Andoh19 April 2007
Forever Autumn10thMarthaWill Thorp6 September 2007
Sick Building10thMarthaWill Thorp6 September 2007
Wetworld10thMarthaFreema Agyeman6 September 2007
Wishing Well10thMarthaDebbie Chazen26 December 2007
The Pirate Loop10thMarthaFreema Agyeman26 December 2007
Peacemaker10thMarthaWill Thorp26 December 2007
Story Doctor Featuring Read By
Sting of the Zygons 10th Martha, Zygons Reggie Yates
The Last Dodo 10th Martha Freema Agyeman
Wooden Heart 10th Martha Adjoa Andoh
Forever Autumn 10th Martha Will Thorp
Sick Building 10th Martha Will Thorp
Wetworld 10th Martha Freema Agyeman
Wishing Well 10th Martha Debbie Chazen
The Pirate Loop 10th Martha Freema Agyeman
Peacemaker 10th Martha Will Thorp

And two made-for-audio audio books from the Sarah Jane Adventures:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Glittering StormElisabeth Sladen5 November 2007
The Thirteenth StoneElisabeth Sladen5 November 2007
Story Featuring Read By
The Glittering Storm Elisabeth Sladen
The Thirteenth Stone Elisabeth Sladen