New Ranges in 2005:

Segment 33:
Monthly Adventures (K)
(First half of 2005)

The first half of 2005’s Monthly Adventures. Note that halfway through this segment is when the show was revived on television.

The Juggernauts6thMel, Daleks, Davros, Mechanoids
The Game5thNyssa
Dreamtime7thAce, Hex, the Galyari
Three’s a Crowd5thPeri, Erimem
Unregenerate!7thMel, Time Lords
Story Doctor Featuring
The Juggernauts 6th Mel, Daleks, Davros, Mechanoids
The Game 5th Nyssa
Dreamtime 7th Ace, Hex, the Galyari
Catch-1782 6th Mel
Three’s a Crowd 5th Peri, Erimem
Unregenerate! 7th Mel, Time Lords
Segment 34:
Bernice Summerfield (Series 5)
Spin-off (2004–2005)

Bernice Summerfield returns for another season.

Novel: The Big Hunt
The Grel EscapeJason, Peter, Joseph, The Grel
Short Stories: A Life Worth LivingVarious
The Bone of ContentionThe Galyari
The Relics of Jegg-SauK1
Short Stories: A Life in PiecesVarious
The Masquerade of DeathAdrian
Story Featuring
Novel: The Big Hunt
The Grel Escape Jason, Peter, Joseph, The Grel
Short Stories: A Life Worth Living Various
The Bone of Contention The Galyari
The Relics of Jegg-Sau K1
Short Stories: A Life in Pieces Various
The Masquerade of Death Adrian
Segment 35:
Spin-off (2004–2005)

Not to be confused with the 2015 series UNIT: The New Series, this was an audio series focusing on UNIT dealing with various problems, without the help of the Doctor.

The CoupBrigadier, Chaudhry, Currie, ICIS
Time HealsChaudhry, Dalto, Brigadier, Hoffman, Currie, ICIS
Snake HeadChaudhry, Dalton, Hoffman
The Longest NightChaudhry, Dalton, Hoffman, Currie, ICIS
The WastingChaudhry, Brigadier, Currie, Brimmicombe-Wood, ICIS
Story Featuring
The Coup Brigadier, Chaudhry, Currie, ICIS
Time Heals Chaudhry, Dalto, Brigadier, Hoffman, Currie, ICIS
Snake Head Chaudhry, Dalton, Hoffman
The Longest Night Chaudhry, Dalton, Hoffman, Currie, ICIS
The Wasting Chaudhry, Brigadier, Currie, Brimmicombe-Wood, ICIS
Segment 36:
Monthly Adventures (L)
(Second half of 2005)

The last Monthly Adventures releases of 2005:

The Council of Nicaea5thPeri, Erimem
Terror Firma8thCharley, C’rizz, Daleks, Davros
Thicker Than Water6thMel, Evelyn, Rossiter
LIVE 347thAce, Hex
Scardy Cat8thCharley, C’rizz
Other Lives8thCharley, C’rizz
Story Doctor Featuring
The Council of Nicaea 5th Peri, Erimem
Terror Firma 8th Charley, C’rizz, Daleks, Davros
Thicker Than Water 6th Mel, Evelyn, Rossiter
LIVE 34 7th Ace, Hex
Scardy Cat 8th Charley, C’rizz
Singularity 5th Turlough
Other Lives 8th Charley, C’rizz
Segment 37:
Gallifrey (Series 2)
Spin-off (2005)

More stories from Gallifrey.

Story Featuring
Segment 38:
Iris Wildthyme (Series 1)
Spin-off (2005)

Iris Wildthyme, the transtemporal adventuress who travels the multiverse in a double decker bus, gets her own series.

Wildthyme at LargeTom, Panda
The Devil in Ms. WildthymeTom, Panda
Story Featuring
Wildthyme at Large Tom, Panda
The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme Tom, Panda
Segment 39:
Misc: Neptune, Cryptobiosis, Audiobooks

A Short Trip Rarity and a Bonus Release:

Neptune3rdSarah Jane Smith
Story Doctor Featuring
Neptune 3rd Sarah Jane Smith
Cryptobiosis 6th Peri

Since the show was revived in 2005, BBC Books also released a number of books, each of which had an audiobook version. These are hidden away by default, because they’re not really the same thing as an audio drama and you might want to skip these without skipping all the other Miscellanous releases.

Audiobooks (2005)

This set of audiobooks features the Ninth Doctor:

StoryFeaturingRead ByRelease Date
The Clockwise ManRoseNicholas Briggs19 May 2005
The Monsters InsideRose, SlitheenCamille Coduri19 May 2005
Winner Takes AllRoseCamille Coduri19 May 2005
The Deviant StrainRose, JackStuart Milligan8 September 2005
Only HumanRose, JackAnthony Head8 September 2005
The Stealers of DreamsRose, JackCamille Coduri8 September 2005
Story Featuring Read By
The Clockwise Man Rose Nicholas Briggs
The Monsters Inside Rose, Slitheen Camille Coduri
Winner Takes All Rose Camille Coduri
The Deviant Strain Rose, Jack Stuart Milligan
Only Human Rose, Jack Anthony Head
The Stealers of Dreams Rose, Jack Camille Coduri