New Ranges in 2003:

No new ranges in 2003

Segment 20:
Monthly Adventures (G)
(First half of 2003)

The first half of 2003’s Monthly Adventures.

Jubilee6thEvelyn, Daleks
Nekromanteia5thPeri, Erimem
The Dark Flame7thAce, Bernice, Joseph
Doctor Who and the Pirates6thEvelyn
Creatures of Beauty5thNyssa
Project: Lazarus6th, 7thEvelyn, Nimrod, the Forge
Story Doctor Featuring
Jubilee 6th Evelyn, Daleks
Nekromanteia 5th Peri, Erimem
The Dark Flame 7th Ace, Bernice, Joseph
Doctor Who and the Pirates 6th Evelyn
Creatures of Beauty 5th Nyssa
Project: Lazarus 6th, 7th Evelyn, Nimrod, the Forge
Segment 21:
Dalek Empire II: Dalek War
Spin-off (2003)

The Dalek Empire series returns…

Dalek War: Chapter One
Dalek War: Chapter Two
Dalek War: Chapter Three
Dalek War: Chapter Four
Story Featuring
Dalek War: Chapter One
Dalek War: Chapter Two
Dalek War: Chapter Three
Dalek War: Chapter Four
Segment 22:
Misc: No Place Like Home, The Little Drummer Boy

This segment contains No Place Like Home, a special release, and The Little Drummer Boy, a Short Trip Rarity.

No Place Like Home5thErimem, Shayde
The Little Drummer Boy1stSteven Taylor, Sara Kingdom
Story Doctor Featuring
No Place Like Home 5th Erimem, Shayde
The Little Drummer Boy 1st Steven Taylor, Sara Kingdom
Segment 23:
Monthly Adventures (H)
(Second half 2003)

We almost finish off 2003’s Monthly Adventures. This includes the 50th release in the Monthly Adventures, Zagreus!

The last story of 2003, Scherzo, is moved to the next Monthly Adventures segment because it’s tied in with the first few stories in 2004.

Master7thThe Master, Death
Zagreus5th, 6th, 7th, 8thCharley, Romana II, Leela, K9, Rassilon, Brax
The Wormery6thIris Wildthyme
Story Doctor Featuring
Flip-Flop 7th Mel
Omega 5th Omega
Davros 6th Davros
Master 7th The Master, Death
Zagreus 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Charley, Romana II, Leela, K9, Rassilon, Brax
The Wormery 6th Iris Wildthyme
Segment 24:
Misc: Living Legend, Shada

We now have 2 more stories: the Big Finish audio play version of Shada (a Fourth Doctor story that was never finished), which features the Eighth Doctor; and the Special Release Living Legend.

Living Legend8thCharley
Shada (Audio play)8thRomana II, K9 Mark II
Story Doctor Featuring
Living Legend 8th Charley
Shada (Audio play) 8th Romana II, K9 Mark II